If You Feel Alone, Read This

Feeling alone is possibly the worst feeling out there. Feeling like no one is there and that you must do things all by yourself, can be very hard.

Most us knows what it is like to alone. In school, we feel like that invisible person in the back of the room that no one notices is there. At home, we feel like it wouldn’t be any different if we weren’t there. It makes us feel like the world would carry on and forget all about us, and the memory of who we were will be buried with us.

I just have a few things to say about that.

Those feelings that are hitting you and telling you that no one will ever love you, are wrong. They just try to tear you down until you have nothing left of yourself - until you start to doubt yourself and your life. But, you can’t listen to that. You are loved. You are noticed. No, not as a freak or a loser, but you are noticed as you.

A good way to not feel alone is to surround yourself with good friends or company. I know that can be hard if you don’t like to talk to people, but finding that one person who is just like you can make a big difference. Find someone you can rant to or just talk about life with. It isn’t good for you to hold in everything. The excitement, the sadness, the heartbreak - none of it.

You don’t need to feel like that kid in the back of the class. You are you. There are many ways to get the idea you are being lonely out of your mind. There will always be that moment where you feel alone, but just know that it’s always temporarily. That feeling will go away and you won’t feel it. Just remember, sometimes you must step out of your comfort zone to find happiness.

Another way to not feel so alone is to learn to love yourself. That is a big factor in everything. Loving you and taking care of you can really make a big impact. I'm not saying that if you love yourself then you won’t feel alone, but it can be the first step to feeling less lonely.

When you love yourself, you don’t let things get to you. You learn to let it go and move on rather than holding onto it and feeling down.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable making friends now and you feel like you’re out of options, start with learning to love you. Be comfortable with you. Be happy with you. It all starts all with you.

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