How is it that 10 years ago...I was 10 years old? So much has changed, as in life! Trying to pinpoint each moment that has made me the woman I am today is nearly impossible. As humans, we grow and develop each year, month, birthday and minute. The life we live each and every day has shaped us to be the people standing before you today.

So, how do I feel about entering my 20's? I have never felt better.

To start, we can officially say "Goodbye" to the oh-so-crappy, yet wonderful, teen years.

We made it out alive...literally. I am hopefully saying goodbye to uncontrollable acne, clothes that never seem to fit because I always seemed to keep growing, and that constant funny drama. We are no longer associated with the awkward school dances or the stress of the first day of college. Having to re-learn how to make friends is maybe not one of the easiest things.

I am ready to say "Hello" to my future

Yes, that might be somewhat of a scary thought knowing that within these next 10 years I potentially could be living a set life with a career I have been working towards, but how exciting. How exciting is it to know that right at this moment we are potentially setting up our dream careers...our dream lives? The word "dream" does not have to mean rich, pretty, married or whatever you define success as; it can just flat out mean happiness.

I want to feel exhilarated each morning as I wake up for work and happiness every time I step into my job. I want to know that in the first year of my twenties, I worked as hard as possible to create this happiness for myself. Who knows what and where the future may hold--but I feel that is the special part of this life game.

Travel, travel, travel

I personally am kicking off my twenties by studying abroad and removing myself from comfort. I am ready to start new and take my twenties as my time to grow. Before we have families and settle down, I am happy to know that I can experience the world and know that it is up to myself as to where my journey leads me. I love knowing that a career could potentially take me places, or just working to support my traveling dream could be enough, too.


"My time to shine." When in our lives will we ever be able to say that again? Our 20's are given to us by a little piece in the world, and the world wants us to live up to our highest ability. With independence, we are able to learn to be strong, find our true passions and create a guiding light to what we hope our future looks like...and that all comes from us, I, you.

Twenties, I am coming for ya!