Fears Entrepreneurs Must Conquer

Fears Entrepreneurs Must Conquer

There are number of fears that entrepreneurs face, here we are going to discuss about the top fears that entrepreneurs need to overcome to become success.


There is a number of fears everyone faces in the business. It causes procrastination, inaction and overwhelms.If you have the ability to face the fear and conquer them, this is the only way to accomplish the goal of becoming an entrepreneur.

Here are some fears you must defeat to make the path more enjoyable and comfortable.

1 - Fear of taking risks

Piyush Jain, founder of Simpalm says, 'Risk-Taking Leads to Success '. Gather as much as information you can, do your own research and this will definitely be going to help you to overcome the fear and move beyond it. He says it is a very important step to pursue success.

Taking risks is like a great opportunity to present yourself and stand out as a leader. You will get lots of good opportunities by taking a risk. But you have to take it in a positive way. If you view risk-taking in a negative way, then you will miss some great opportunities coming towards you.

He says that 'when you are taking a risk, it doesn't mean you will get benefit from it'. Some fail while some get a huge success. Whatever the result is, but at the end of the day, you will learn something. This learning will give you more strength to take a risk in the future.

2 - Fear of being mediocre

Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet.inc says, 'Aim for Excellence '. It is all about being outstanding. In excellence you fail, you make mistakes and you learn from mistakes, but in mediocre you are afraid of taking the risk, you never make mistakes or learn something new.

To achieve excellence, you need to develop the mindset that its achievement is the part of the journey, it's not a destination. People never born with a mindset of excellence. They cultivate it over time by doing smart work and wise work.

3 - Fear of failure

Aaron Argues says, "this is the most common fear that every entrepreneur faces in the starting phase".

You can find successful people, who have experienced failure.

  • Michael Jorden is one of the greatest basketball players of all time but his coach made a mistake by cutting him from the school basketball team.
  • Warren Buffet was rejected by Harvard University.
  • Bill Gates is a high school drop-out.

Successful people get failure in life, but they become successful because they never give up.

4 – Fear of disappointing others

Everyone wants to let their people up and to impress their loved once. We always expect from ourselves to meet everyone's request but if we talk about an entrepreneur. He has to choose his path. Raya Khashab said "Entrepreneurs have to focus on the things that matter to them. If they don't get passionate about their goals and dreams. It means they are letting themselves down".

5 – Fear that we are not good enough

Jean Case says ,Self-doubt can be a big challenge to overcome. One knows their flows better than anyone. "What if I am not good enough" becomes a deep fear. Such people believe that no matter how hard they work; they will always be doubtful for themselves. This behavior can lead to an unattainable level of perfection. An entrepreneur should not hold back their internal fears. They should use this feeling to pursue their goals.

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