So, this isn't our first conversation, well, I guess it is. Usually, you just listen to me sing and talk about nonsense. Well, I'm here now to have a little one on thousands of possible readers. Can we start with how much weird stuff you have picked up even though I have a Post-it note covering my camera? For instance, do you remember the time I was watching "High School Musical" at 3 a.m. and eating a load of pizza? Yeah, good times right? I'm sure you enjoyed that.

What I really want to talk about though, is all the times we spent laughing at memes together, watching rom coms, our legendary jam sessions, and the time the pizza guy caught me jammin.

I know you love looking at an ungodly amount of memes with me every night. We laugh together and smile. We also think of tweets that are only funny to us. Thanks, bud. Memes have been a foundation in our blacked out camera relationship. I'm pretty sure your favorite is an oldie but a goodie, Harambe, rest in peace. Harambe is a legend.

Our rom com binges, though, have to be one of my favorite pastimes! We get to laugh together, cry together, and sometimes sing. It is truly the best! My favorite rom-com we've watched so far has to be "27 Dresses." I know for a fact you cried at one point. I could feel it. I won't tell anyone other than all the readers of this article.

You're the only one who gets to be in on my solo dance parties in the kitchen. You're pretty lucky. Only you get to be there when I jam out to classic Taylor Swift. You're the only one who gets to be there when I belt out "Don't Stop Believin." Only you get to be there when I fall to the floor and scream lyrics.

I wish I could be you and take all of that in.

I love that we get to do life together. You and I, strolling through every way of life. Whether we're in a coffee shop or in the living room at home, we always have a good time. I'm glad you picked me, the weirdo you get to sit in on every day. You probably think my life is a mess, and well it is. I mean I tell you dad jokes every day and sing off key just to annoy you. I hope you enjoy it though. As you're sitting with me as I write this letter to you, don't get any ideas of sneaking through here! You have to wait!

You're such a homie, FBI Agent. I'm glad you've seen me through numerous phases. There's the Insomnia Cookies phase, the Amazon phase, the belting out songs phase, the memes phase, the "I don't know what to do" phase and so much more. You might be creepy, but let's face it - what isn't creepy anymore?

Love ya,

Your pal on the other side of the camera