20 Obvious Signs That You're The T-Shirt Chair Of Your Chapter

Looking back on the past year as the T-Shirt Chair for my sorority, I begin to reminisce on all sorts of memories. With a position as random, and sometimes as overlooked as T-Shirt Chair, you never really realize the complexity of the position until you're in it.

I truly realize how much work goes into even the smallest tasks. I've worked hard. I tried my best to make everyone happy. And as hectic and difficult as the job was, I loved every second of it. Not everyone will relate to my struggles, but at least I can shine some light on my duties with a little bit of humor.

1. Someone asks you if the shirt comes in another color.

2. You hear someone complaining about your designs.

3. When the date function is tomorrow and you haven't heard when the shirts will come in.

4. Someone tries to tell you that they ordered a shirt, but their name isn't on the sign up sheet.

5. Having a shirt not get approved.

6, Another chapter comes out with a shirt that you planned on making.

7, Getting compliments on your shirts.

8. You decide to throw in an apparel option that no one was expecting.

9. Seeing a boy on campus wearing one of the shirts you made.

10. Someone asks, "When did we get that shirt? Did you even post a sign up?"

11. Realizing that you have the best bid day shirts once again.

12. A design sounds great in your head but it's nothing like you imagined it would be.

13. Contemplating asking if the date function theme could be changed because you can't think of a shirt design for it.

14. Seeing all of the product options that companies have to offer.

15. Counting all of the sales from the philanthropy shirts ordered.

16. The bills are sent out and you realize that you told everyone a $50 shirt was going to be no more than $15.

17. Seeing a perfect shirt design and wondering why you didn't come up with it first.

18. No one has any understanding of how long a shirt takes to make.

19. Having to explain a shirt idea to someone.

20. Showing your best friends the design you get back from the artist.

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