It's that time of year again! Head on over to your aunt's house, get out your placemat, and get ready for some good eatin'! With awkward family encounters, and uncomfortable conversations, you can at least enjoy a good home cooked meal. Here is what your favorite Thanksgiving food says about you!

1. Turkey


You're traditional! You don't like to stray away from the crowd and love good company.

2. Stuffing

You're a go-getter! You don't sit around and wait for opportunities to come along, you are always finding way to make yourself better. Enjoy your stuffing AND LET'S GET THIS BREAD!

3. Cranberry Sauce

You're everything sweet! Everyone wants to be around you and be in the presence of your kind soul.

4. Mashed Potatoes

You are a comforting presence to all those around you. You know just what to say, and you are a loyal friend.

5. Sweet Potatoes

You are on the wild side! You are always surprising people and can't wait for new adventures!

6. Pie

You are everyone's favorite! You are sweet, scrumptious, and warm!

Happy Thanksgiving!!