Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends This Holiday Season

Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends And Have These 10 Items In Your Closet This Holiday Season

And buy them affordably.

Zoe Laz

Do you want to be the best dressed this holiday season? Are you excited about the new fashion trends?

Make sure you have these 10 items in your closet.

1. Loafers 

Cassidy Hope

Pair with skinny jeans or leggings and an over-sized cardigan or sweater.

2. Shawls 

North and Main Clothing

Comfy or classy. You pick!

3. Surprisingly, cheetah print. 

Cassidy Hope

Love it! Bring it out with black jeans.

4. Over sized turtle necks. 

Unsplash via FreeBoz

Because who doesn't want to embrace their inner Rory Gilmore?

5. Huge bell bottom dress pants. 

North and Main Clothing

1970s? Heck yes.

6. Vertical and Horizontal stripes. 

Zoe Laz

Funky and fun!

7. Hats. 

TJ Maxx

For those bad hair days, am I right?

8. Long pea coat. 

Zoe Laz

1990's all over again.

9. Chunky Boots 

Zoe Laz

Just yes.

10. A plethora of simple and wacky scarves. 

Croissants and Kisses

Scarves make any outfit that much better.

Check out your local stores and make your closet holiday ready!

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