I'm A Farmer And I Couldn't Care Less About Your Vegan Diet

I'm A Farmer And I Couldn't Care Less About Your Vegan Diet

I really couldn't care less what your diet choices are.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions or gets offended, give me a chance to explain. These are my two best friends, Sarah and Pamela, and we have very different diets.

Sarah has been a vegetarian since long before I even met her. Pamela exclusively breastfed my godson as a baby; due to his food allergies, it was easiest for her to eat an almost entirely vegan diet. But me? I'm an omnivore. I'm a third generation family farmer and a retired livestock showman, and I honestly couldn't care less if someone chooses to be vegan or not.

For some reason, this surprises people, like I'm supposed to be personally offended by others' diet and lifestyle choices. I promise you, I do not care. I believe that everyone has the right to make choices about how they live their own life. Don't want to eat meat or consume any animal byproducts? That's awesome! Send me a creative recipe I can use to get my nieces and nephews to eat vegetables. Want to strictly eat beef jerky for the rest of your life? While that might not be exactly a well-balanced diet, be sure to send some samples my way. (Okay, that might be a slightly exaggerated example but you get the picture.)

When I say I don't care, I don't mean that I don't see or accept their choices as valid. They're completely valid and I do see them. When Sarah, Pamela and myself do dinner together, guess what? Our meal is normally vegetarian or completely vegan depending on what we decide to make. (And our recipes normally turn out delicious, but that's beside the point.) When I say I don't care if you're vegan I mean I'm not going to judge you or take personal offense to it like people assume I will.

I was raised in and around the agricultural industry, I've seen all the practices first hand. I genuinely believe in them ethically and I enjoy playing a small part in feeding the world. Other people don't agree with or support all of the practices involved in animal agriculture; that's okay too. It's not everyone's cup of tea and I'm not here to judge them because of it. It all goes back to the fact that I believe everyone has a right to exercise their freedom to choose how to live their life.

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I'm more concerned about who you are as a person than about what you eat or don't eat for dinner. I'm much more inclined to be friends with a vegan who respects differing opinions over a meat eater who judges everyone that's different from them. Over the years I've been called a murderer, a psychopath, heartless, cold-blooded and every other word in the book by others that don't agree with my choices or practices. I've learned to not let it get to me, especially as someone who writes about the agricultural industry online. If you result to blatant disrespect over civil discussion then it's not worth letting it get to me.

The reason I farm is to feed people no matter what their diet choices are. Whether you're a meat eater, a vegetarian, a vegan or an Apache attack helicopter I don't care. No matter how you choose to live your life or fill your stomachs I'll still be farming to keep food on all of our tables.

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15 Different Uses Of Ranch Dressing, As Told By Ranch Lovers

Now who doesn't just want to go buy a cart load of ranch?

Everyone has some sort of weird food addiction that they absolutely cannot live without. Whether that would be a particular combination of two unlikely foods or just an obsession with a particular food group itself. I put ketchup on two pieces of bread and eat it as a sandwich!! I get a lot of weird looks with that one! However, my weird food addiction is just another one to add to the pile of other food addictions. Besides my love for ketchup, I also have a taste for ranch dressing (minus the salad part). It turns out that I am not alone in this addiction!

Many people have different combinations that they love with their ranch dressing, and many of them sound absolutely gross but they actually turn out to be delicious! In high school, some of us would mix our ketchup and ranch together to make a sauce. However, if you are one of those people that likes to keep things separated on their plate (like me) then you just double dip into each sauce. For all of you ranch lovers out there, I decided to put together combinations of different foods with ranch for you to all indulge and find that new favorite food combination!

1. Ranch and French Fries

A great and classic combination!

2. Ranch and Pizza

I used to do this all the time on my pizza in high school because the pizza itself wasn't that great so I added something to make it taste better. However, many people do this to their pizza no matter what!

3. Ranch and Hot Wings

Another classic! You can't go wrong with ranch and hot wings!

4. Ranch with Spaghetti

This is one that I haven't tried myself, but many people swear by this on how good it is!

5. Ranch on a HotDog

Eh, I am NOT so sure about this one, but, if you really love ranch and you really love hotdogs well you might as well try them together.

6. Let's Be Honest . . . Ranch On Almost Any Type Of Meat

From chicken strips, meatballs, hamburgers, and any other sort of meat dishes, ranch is a great add on!

7. Ranch On A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Again, this is another combination that I am NOT sure about! I love a good classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I love ranch, but I don't think that I would personally mess with the glorious combination of peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.

8. Ranch and Pickles

A great bar appetizer, and even better for those pickle lovers!

9. Ranch and Veggies

Just on the healthier side of life, a veggie plate is bound to be at most parties. Without the ranch, how could you eat cold vegetables??

10. Ranch and Avocado

This turns out to actually be a great way to zest up your ranch dressing!

11. Ranch With Cheese Curds

Once again, another great appetizer that is even better with ranch!

12. Ranch And Skittles

Um, I think this would only go for very few people... very few.

13. Ranch With Cauliflower

I LOVE cauliflower, either raw or fried, and ranch adds to this great food item!

14. Ranch With Corn

I am from the Cornhusker state, and I have never tried this! Definitely next on my mind to try!

15. Last But Most Expected . . . Ranch On Salad

Of course, I had to end with the most predictable of all... the salad. The only way that I can eat a salad is if it is drenched in a dressing (preferable ranch).

I definitely plan on trying some of these different combinations, because that is what eating is all about! There are so many unique flavor combinations and we have our whole life to find our favorites!
Cover Image Credit: MyRecipes

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11 Thoughts I Have Before My First Cup Of Coffee

How do I function as a human before caffeine?

As stated in the past, I know that I am addicted to coffee. It's not anything that is new to me. I've even talked about trying to see if I can last a week cold turkey, and that failed midway through the week due to the BGSU-Toledo football game that night. So, it got me thinking: what are some things that I think about before I had that morning cup of Joe? Of course, I am still a person before coffee, but there is a difference in my thought process.

Here are nine that I can remember clearly.

1. Is it worth it to get out of bed for coffee?

2. I have classes and stuff today so I need to get out of bed and get a cup.

3. OK, you got 20 minutes until class and you don't have time to make a cup. Just get Starbucks after.

4. Why didn't I just leave the room early and stop at Starbucks?

5. Maybe I'll make a cup when I get back to the room... Nah, just stop on the way back.

6. Maddie.exe is not properly functioning. In need of caffeine.

7. XX minutes until coffee...

8. Maybe I will use the Keurig today...

9. Hold on, did I clean my mugs from the last cups I had? Hold on the coffee.

10. Alright, mugs are clean! Time to head to coffee island!

11. Ladies and gentleman, we are here. Time to not be dead anymore.

So you go enjoy that cup of coffee! You deserve it!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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