To my second family,

This is about to get as cliché and as sappy as ever, so maybe grab some tissues. Writing into words the tremendous ways the friendships I've gained throughout high school have changed who I am and how big of an impact they've had on my life is the most arduous task I've challenged myself to do, and I have no doubt that I will only be able to scratch the surface of how lucky I've become to have best friends like you in my life.

Freshman year we had no idea the craziness we were getting into, but what a journey we've endured getting to the bond we share today. How many times have friend groups shifted? How many friends have walked in and out on us? The many heartaches past friendships have put us through don't matter now because they all kept us or led us to appreciate each other and grow an even strong relationship this last year as we've all come to realize what matters and who matters in our lives. The many heartaches past friendships have given us are not comparable to the dreadful loss we are going to experience when we all go off to college. But no two hour-, no five hour-, and no fourteen hour-drive could ever keep us apart.

These past years we have created a family. Who knew the time we first met or during all those petty fights we went through that we'd end up together the second semester of our senior year closer than we thought best friends could become? Literally, people began to comment that how much time we spent together was unhealthy, but we all know it could never be enough. And, especially a week before we won't see each other again for a few months, the time we get to spend together will never feel enough. Staying up at night wishing we had more time or belting out the lyrics to the "Made In The A.M." album or Adele songs in the car, unfortunately, won't change anything and just make us realize 1. it was a good thing none of us hope to go into the music industry and 2. being sad together is better than facing this grief alone. Before we realized it, the end of our "glory days" snuck up on us and has come to end. The days of spontaneous road trips and movie nights and anything that involved food are almost out of our reach. But we're all too stubborn and used to annoying each other that no distance can stop us from being a daily highlight in each other's life whether from now on that's from a funny text or FaceTiming or calling each other randomly just to hear each other's voices again.

You guys are my best friends - greater than anyone I could have imagined meeting - and I couldn't be luckier to have my heart broken when faced with leaving you all because that helps me notice, even more than I already knew, how important each of you are. If I had never met even just one of you, I couldn't imagine how different I would be.

You all challenge me to come out of my comfort zone and to be more spontaneous and to not overthink everything and to let loose. You all challenge me to love myself and push my limits to where you know I can achieve greater things when I doubt myself.

You, my best friend, have taught me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. You, my best friend, have taught me to love living in the moment instead of always planning ahead and looking to the future. You, my best friend, have taught me how to pick myself up again when life doesn't go as planned. You, my best friend, have taught me that the perfect family does not exist and judgments about others only lead to more problems. You, my best friend, have taught me that family is created by choices not just by blood.

We, in this chaotic world, somehow have chosen each other and have built a family. A family that now has to say goodbye. But as goodbyes go with families, this goodbye is not forever. We will see each other again and in new methods every time. This goodbye is temporary - more of a "see-you-later". Because as goodbyes go with families, we all know and can acknowledge that this is not the end for us, that there will never be an end for us. As goodbyes go with families, this goodbye is long and bittersweet and will be said many, many times before the time will come when we have all left.

The time is coming quicker than we realize and quicker than we want. So, as a farewell to my best friends, you have all been the best in my life and the list of reasons why is infinite. Moving away from you guys will be unimaginably difficult, and it's hard to miss someone when they're still right in front of you, but, I do, I miss you.

It's just like the sunset we all watched in bliss together the morning after we graduated high school. New and welcoming and full of potential just like our futures in college, but it's sad that the night is over and that our time in high school together is over. All we have left is each other and our memories to face everything new headed our way.

Making new friends will be an exciting, new adventure, but I know none of them could be like you and I admire that you have become irreplaceable in my life.

We'll make it through this together. We've made it through worst in the past, nothing could tear us apart now. Thank you for always being undeniably yourself and for making millions of unforgettable memories with me. And thank you for accepting that you're just stuck with me now!

So, with all my love, goodbye for now to my best my second family! <3