Farewell, Obama, And Thank You.

Farewell, Obama, And Thank You.

Reflections as we watch the festival happening in Washington D.C. for PEOTUS Trump.


As I sit here watching the festival being held at Washington D.C., I remember being in middle school and watching Obama's inauguration. It was beautiful; although I was younger, I couldn't help but feeling proud. It really was a beautiful ceremony. Now, as I watch Trump standing there, waving at people while bands play over and over again, it doesn't really bring me any pride or joy. I feel sad. As my mom just said, it's classless, and I agree with her.

Thank you, Obama, for the great eight years you gave this country. His presidency really impacted me as a person. I was so proud when gay marriage was made legal and so proud when he made Chelsea Manning's sentenced reduced just before he left office. His ACA impacted so many lives to having health insurance; I've had to struggle with medical issues for such a long time and I'm happy to see so many people have that opportunity to get insurance. His farewell speech left me proud to be an American, as I will never give up hope. I will do something about this as it is my right to stand up for what I believe is right. I will always remember him as my favorite president that I've had to witness in my life.

I hope that some good comes out of this next presidency. The only part that I find okay about him as president is that he isn't a politician, so he can have different views on matters at hand. I am not okay with any of the things he has said in the past and has tried to disregard. I will say that I was not happy to vote in this election, but I did because it is my right as a citizen. I tried to make a difference. It made me so sad to see people in my age group laughing at this past election, saying they didn't care about voting because their vote didn't matter. It does matter; it will always matter. I hope that people my age will stand up for what they think is right and try to make a change. We are the change, as Obama said. We can make a difference; we just have to try.

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