Alright, ladies let's be real, fantasy football season is the worst. I'm sure some of you ladies enjoy it so congrats because I'm not the one. So, here's what I've gathered from previous seasons.

1. I Enjoy The Draft Parties.

I'll attend any party that involves funny puns and free wings. The endless combination of funny team names is incredible, really.

2. Don't Ask Me For Advice. 

Let's be real here, there's a 50/50 chance I'm going to get this miraculously right or horribly wrong so please don't even bother. Honestly, I'm just going to pick the name that more popular...

3. Sundays Are MY Days Too.

Football isn't just for Sunday; it's also for sleeping in, running errands, and "me" time before the week starts again.

4. I'll Be There For You When You Cry. 

I'll hold you when you lose your match-up for the week, when the player you benched score higher than the person you played, and especially when you don't make it to the playoffs.

5. Please Take Me Out If You Win. 

I've cheered you on for an entire season, let's go out for once!