5 Places Everyone Should Escape To In Times Of Stress

As a college student, I am constantly stressed out of my mind. Balancing assignments, scholarships, friends, family, thoughts of the future, and my own mental health is really, really hard. So, a lot of the time, I resort to escapist fantasies. They usually distract me enough that I can finish whatever tasks I need to get done. They’re also a great reminder of all of the things I continue to work toward.

Here is a list of the top five happy places I go to when I need to relax a little.

1. The Beach

Waves lapping at the shore. Light, smooth sand blowing around in the wind. A firm yet gentle breeze slipping through your hair. The warm sun traveling down to wrap around your body like a giant blanket.

Is there anything more spectacular than the beach? Even without the sight of the blue water in front of you, the sounds of nature are enough to release every ounce of stress from your body. No one can be unhappy on the beach. It’s just too pure and peaceful.

Don’t even get me started about sunsets over the water. Who knew that those shades of orange, pink, and purple even existed?

2. The Forest

You’re surrounded by trees and the air has never smelled cleaner. You know that you’ve encountered the world in its most natural state, and somehow it feels like you’re meant to be there. Every corner of your vision is green because the weather is amazing, and there’s sunlight streaming from the canopies of leaves overhead.

You sit on a fallen log that’s only a little slimy and take it all in. It’s so, so quiet. The world is so intoxicating when it’s this quiet.

3. An Open Field

You get to lay down in the most luxurious grass that you’ve ever felt. It’s soft and not as much itchy as it is ticklish. There are clouds overhead, millions of fluffy masses migrating across the wide sky. You watch them move past and try to distinguish the shapes of them. You’re warm and you’ve never felt more at ease.

Now it’s night time. You’re looking up at the same sky, but now it’s full of glimmering, twinkling stars. You’re out in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no light pollution, and you get to see the space above you in its clearest, most original state.

There are entire galaxies up there, clear as day. You spent your time making constellations and laughing as you named them. The air is pleasantly cool against your skin and not cold at all.

4. Inside While It’s Raining

Rain is splattering against the window, but you don’t mind it at all. You’re sitting inside, maybe in a nice comfy chair, or maybe in a blanket nest that you made yourself. You get to watch the rain as it comes down. Feeling undisturbed because you know you don’t have to go out in it at all.

You have a mug of something warm in your hands.It might be coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or something else entirely. But, it’s warm and it goes down like tiny sips of bliss. There’s nothing on your mind. Your favorite song is playing in the background and you’re thinking you might take a nap soon.

5. With Your Best Friends

You could be doing literally anything, but you know it’s the greatest thing in the world because you’re doing it with your best friends. You all could be piling onto the couch with popcorn and snacks to a marathon of Tim Burton movies. You could be standing in a kitchen, baking or cooking something that you’re going to eat together. You could be out ice skating, hiking, or bowling.

Even if you’re not amazing at it, you’re having the time of your life because you’re with the people you care about most in the entire world. It’s amazing. It’s exhilarating. It’s exactly what you want.

How nice is it to get exactly what you want?

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