Do you wish that you could build a time machine and go back in time to meet your idol? Do you wish that you were older so that you could have been there for the premiere of your favorite movie? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then it seems like you're a fan of someone who is much older than you are.

Here are 10 things us fangirls who stan someone from generations ago can relate to.

1. You spend A LOT of time wishing time travel was a thing

It's 2019 and time travel STILL isn't a thing? How else are we supposed to meet our idols?

2. You get tired of hearing people ask how old they are

YES, they're more than twice my age. What about it?

3. You have trouble finding someone with the same interest at school

A lot of the time many people don't even know who you are talking about!

4. But you do enjoy holding an entire lecture about your idol

And you're ALWAYS available during office hours to talk more about them.

5. eBay and thrift shops is where all your money goes

A vintage band t-shirt from 1987? Say no more and take ALL my money.

6. You surf deep on the Internet to find some content

You even put your computer at risk for catching a virus when you come a cross a fishy website... Finding good content of your idol is WAY more important than having a functioning computer.

7. You can rarely find any good merchandise in stores

Why doesn't Target have EVERY movie made in 1980's? It's just not fair.

8. You usually resort to making your own merchandise

If the store doesn't sell cute t-shirts, then leave it up to me to make them!

9. You envy older fans that got to experience it all

They are actual legends.

10. You love your idol with all of your heart and wouldn't change a thing

Even if they roamed with the dinosaurs, you'd love them just as much!