What Family Means

No bond is as strong as the one that comes from being part of a family. Time and time again, Disney has carried this message in its pictures. Here are 11 Walt Disney films that capture the magic.

1. "Tarzan"

Family is looking past the surface and realizing we are all the same where it counts.

2. "Up"

Family is embracing people into your life, even if you're in different seasons and it is entirely unexpected.

3. "Meet the Robinsons"

Family is knowing you're all crazy, but appreciating each member for what they contribute.

4. "Brother Bear"

Family is the people that you look up to, as well as the ones you look out for.

5. "The Jungle Book"

Family is claiming someone as one of your own, even when critics and circumstances would have you believe otherwise.

6. "Finding Nemo"

Family is not where you belong, its with whom you belong.

7. "Frozen"

Family is accepting others, no questions asked, simply because they need to be loved.

8. "Big Hero Six"

Family is loving one another, even when it might be unwanted

9. "Tangled"

Family is welcoming back a person, no matter how long they've been gone, and receiving whoever they've brought with them.

10. "The Aristocats"

Family is allowing someone to complete your group, even when they might not seem to fit in at first glance.

11. "Lilo and Stitch"

Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Family has little to do with who you share blood with, and everything to do with who you share your life with. Its the people who become part of your life and never truly leave, even if they cannot be there physically. Thank you, Disney, for always teaching this truth.

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