We've all played that "this or that" game at least once.

Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate.

Beach or mountains? Sand and ocean over anything any day.

Sweet or salty? My sweet tooth is already tingling.

Rich or famous? Wait, aren't they the same? This is the question that I've always asked in response to this choice. Although I have truly always found it hard to separate being rich and famous, the two are way more similar than I could have ever imagined. Especially now.

I would argue that being rich and famous has become one and the same thanks to one main thing: social media. With the help of a few apps, if you're famous, you're making big bucks off of it and if you're rich, you're probably racking up the followers.

Social media has given everyday people the chance to make big breaks. If you have good photography skills, witty captions, and a pretty face, making money off of your internet fame is far from unheard of. In fact, becoming Instagram famous has become a pretty popular aspiration.

Take Helen Owen for example. What began as a pretty Instagram feed became a girl and her boyfriend traveling around the world on complimentary trips to post flawless pictures and videos creating some major FOMO/envy for the rest of us. I mean seriously, her job is to just travel and be beautiful while she does it. Her fame and her wealth are directly entangled in proving the closeness between these two.

If you don't buy it, think of Kylie Jenner. Her fame on Instagram and Snapchat has allowed her cosmetic business to boom. Of course, she could have been successful without it, but the videos she's put on her social media have definitely contributed big time to her profits.

Now on the flip side, being rich also gets you quite a following. Maybe it's my own opinion, but I honestly think that if you are on the wealthier side, you can afford to live the lifestyle that appeals to followers. Now, of course, I am not saying that only people with padded bank accounts can run the accounts that afford them fame. However, lavish vacations, artsy photoshoots in cafes with $18 lattes, and the latest trending clothes don't exactly hurt Insta #aesthetics.

Quite honestly, I have never been able to separate being rich from being famous. However, fame today just seems to equate to money. If you are known for whatever you do or whoever you are, chances are you're cashing in on it. And if you're born into the money, I would bet you will have a nice enough feed to become somebody.