Well, it’s that time of year again. School is coming back in session, the weather’s getting a little cooler, and the aura of change seems to be hanging in the air. Despite these glorious changes, the sense of dread manages to overcome all of that. New school year can but mean new paths to explore, but also new ways to challenge and frustrate myself.

As a student for many years, I’ve found myself on both sides of the fence. There were times I couldn’t wait for school to get here, and others where I could have used more of a summer vacation. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found I get more excited about school starting as the time approaches and for me it's not very hard to see why.

There’s something about the very event of a new school year approaching that is unlike a lot of other events I’ve encountered. It’s not a holiday by any means or cause for any celebration, but it sort of puts you in this moment of reflection. It’s a time to see where you’ve been, where you intend to go this year, and where to go after that. It’s almost like a check in with yourself to see. What am I doing? Who do I want to be? How am I going to get myself there? And, do I need to pick up more pens at Staples?

It might not be a holiday, but it is its own little victory in a way. Every year is to keep building on the past one, and the years go by so fast that you don’t even realize what you’ve accomplished. You’ve built up a base of knowledge, experiences, and goals that you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Education is a gift, one that I do not take for granted as it keeps feeding my energy to come back for more knowledge.

Aside from the opportunity for reflection and education being a gift in itself, there’s also something about the season of fall that always excites me with its presence. The foliage changes colors in a chameleon effect from green to brown, yellow, orange, and red. And I feel a sort of similar transformation within myself. I’m reminded that I can change, and will change for the better. Even though I’m getting older, it means I’m just going to make different mistakes, not the same ones in my youth. And these mistakes will help me grow into my new self ultimately being blessings in disguise.

I am reminded with the cool air, but sunny sky that there are still new opportunities on the horizon for me despite my mistakes. I still know what I want, and who I am, even if I may lose sight of that sometimes. Good changes are always on the way within my reach. I just have to be patient and trust that all good things will come in their time.

I find a connection and love with nature that I can’t seem to feel in other seasons. I look around during this time and can feel that nature and I are one. We are both going through changes, hesitant of their arrival, but ultimately trust that things will unfold the way they are supposed to. It’s a beautiful feeling to feel such things. I hang on to that feeling of leaping, jumping, and being able to hold on to something good even if it’s the effervescent landscape of my surroundings.

If you ever doubt this time of year and its potential, you ultimately have to learn to embrace it. If you enter the year with just a little bit of curiosity, faith, and a determined attitude, you can’t go wrong. Everything will fall into place, and so will you just like the change of colors in the leaves. So, be prepared with those school supplies, proudly drink that apple cider, and relish in the thought of the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and yes, even Christmas, to come. It’s a wonderful time to be alive, and to be ready to take on the world ahead of you remembering that you can succeed with this time you are given.