Falling In Love With Fall Break

Falling In Love With Fall Break

“The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools.” ― Henry Beston


The sunny and 75 degree days are over. The leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping, just a sign fall is here. You just finished your mid terms (that went great!) and you are ready for a relaxing few days of being away from campus and college life. It is much needed, especially once you realize you haven't been home in almost 2 months. Crazy how fast time flies!

1. Driving in the sea of fall colors on your way home

This is heavenly.

2. Getting a hug from your mom

Thank you mom for always being there for me.

3. Actually knowing the roads you drive on

No longer do I have to use Google Maps to find my way.

4. Nothing or no one to be a mom to on Saturday nights

Kids, be good this weekend. Make good choices and make a difference in the world.

5. Home cooked food

The greatness of my dad’s homemade chili on a crisp fall day after raking leaves. Pure bliss.

6. Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan

Sorry Siena Heights, Lake Michigan’s are much more competent, purposeful, and ethical. I mean look at that beauty.

7. Rosy Mound Natural Area

The hardest workout on your legs, but it is worth it. The views are incredible. Clearly one of the greatest places to go and hike.

8. Spending time with your family

Because you really miss them!

9. Shopping

It is fall now, need to stay up to date on the latest trends. Those outfits though...who actually would wear them?

10. Going to mass and seeing people who have watched you grow up

A sense and a smile of greatness.

11. Seeing people you went to high school with

If I haven't talked to you in the past 3 years or we aren't friends on Facebook, you think I actually care? I mean I do, but then I remember you tortured me through those 4 years.

12. A reunion with your best friend

Two months apart has been too long. Thank goodness for FaceTime and texting. But in person is so much better.

13. Your face when your mom asks: “Do you want to go to Target?”

YES please! There isn't one in Adrian, and I cry everyday because of that.

14. Waking up and smelling pancakes

The excitement is like waking up on Christmas morning.

15. Board games with your siblings

The competition is real and some moments get feisty, but in the end we still (kind of) love each other.

16. Getting texts from people who have questions on homework

Sorry, I need a break. From you. From homework. From college. See you in a few days.

17. Biking through the fall colors

Picture perfect. Pure Michigan (like where the picture is from).

18. Realizing how fast the time is going to go

Just a few more days please. Can I drop out but still get credit for my classes?

19. Then you look at your calendar and see that it is less than a month until Thanksgiving

Time flies when you study hard. Before you know it, it will be Christmas break.

20. College is only 4 years of your life, make the most of it

Between the things you learn about life, yourself, and academic-you will come out with something good. One step closer to adulthood. You can do it!

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