Anyone who knows me understands that I fall in and out of love in seconds. Whether with people or places, I always find myself losing interest even when I know I shouldn't be. However, while abroad I find myself endlessly falling head over heels for each city I visit.

Recently, I've found myself in Venice, Italy. Sitting in my window at night listening to Lily James serenade me, I thought 'this is love.' It's possible that my affection for foreign cities never fades due to the brevity of my trips, but sitting along the Grand Canal I thought that Venice was different. As pink skies turned into vibrant blue hues I realized that this was a place where I could envision a future. A place I wouldn't fall out of love with.

I couldn't name a specific reason as to why Venice has captured my attention. It could be the cobblestone back alleyways. Filled to the brim with specialty shops and art, they were guaranteed to earn my endearment. Or maybe it's the open squares, lit up by the sound of laughter between friends. When I close my eyes I can envision myself as one of the masses, just enjoying a Monday night as the sun trades its place with the moon. Possibly though, it's the lingering smiles I give to strangers and the realization that comes with each continued glance. I don't want to be seen as a stranger to Venice. Just another traveler passing by, lost to the crowds and never to be seen again. I don't want to forget Venice just as much as I don't want the city to forget me.

Venice is the type of place that makes you want to be in love. As I find myself currently lacking a love interest in my romantic turned tragedy filled life it occurred to me that I don't need one. I could share my love with the city and that would be enough. The city could accept me just as I would accept it, flaws and all. As time passes by I know that there will always be other cities that will hold my attention, but as of now, Venice holds the key to my heart.