5 Delicious And Easy Fall Recipes For College Students
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5 Delicious And Easy Fall Recipes For College Students

Sometimes we all need a quick, fall-themed snack.

5 Delicious And Easy Fall Recipes For College Students

Looking for an easy fall themed recipe for you and your friends to make to celebrate the start of the fall season? These recipes that take 10-30 minutes to make are for you!

1. Roasted butternut squash

eatingbirdfood / Instagram

I'll be honest, I love anything butternut squash related. Whether it's a side dish or a soup, butternut squash will truly give you a taste of fall this season. For this Roasted Butternut Squash recipe, you'll just need a large butternut squash, salt, pepper, any other spices you might like, and hopefully a sharp knife to cut through the squash.

2. Pumpkin, mushroom, and spinach pasta

aromesisunete / Instagram

This Pumpkin, Mushroom, and Spinach Pasta recipe has a great variety of spices, vegetables, and autumnal tastes that will definitely satisfy your taste buds and need for fall vibes. With a total cook and prep time of 30 minutes, you could make this for yourself or with your roommates with ease! This healthy and filling vegetarian dish could be your new favorite fall dish!

3. Classic pumpkin roll

the_bananadiaries / Instagram

Of course I have to include a pumpkin-based dessert recipe for this list. With only 25 minutes of total prep and cook time, you'll have a sweet treat for you and your friends in just under half an hour! To make less of a mess while making the pumpkin roll, lift the cake from the pan and roll the hot cake up inside the parchment paper it was cooking on. If you do this instead of turning the cake onto a towel, the cake won't crack or stick to the towel. Enjoy!

4. Apple crisp in a mug

vickys_oatbakes / Instagram

If pumpkin isn't your vibe for the day, here is an Apple Crisp in a Mug recipe for you! With a total prep and cook time of 10 minutes, this might be the dream recipe for a college student with a sweet tooth cramming for midterms. All you need to do is dice up your favorite kind of apple, add some dry and wet ingredients, and make the crumb topping to top it all off. If you're feeling extra nice and have an extra mug on hand, maybe you can make another for your roommate!

5. Harvest fall salad

cloversandkale / Instagram

I could go on and on with fall-based dessert recipes, but I wanted to include an easy-to-make salad for your fall picnic or get together needs. This Harvest Fall Salad recipe only takes 18 minutes to make and includes great fruit, cheese, and protein options and an apple cider vinegar based dressing. If you're looking for a vegetarian version, you can cut out the bacon and maybe add chopped squash or your favorite fruit or vegetable!

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