Why does everyone enjoy fall so much? Well, it is the best time of the year! It isn’t too hot or cold outside. The air always has that scent of crisp, fall leaves being crushed. Don’t forget that it is super pretty outside with all the leaves changing colors! Back to the question, why does everyone enjoy fall so much?

Some people love wearing boots, but sometimes wearing them in the summer can get way too warm. If the boots are not insulated, it makes your feet cold in the winter. And if they aren’t waterproof, then your feet get soaked in the spring. Fall is the perfect weather for them! It isn’t too hot or cold to wear them, and it doesn’t rain all the time during the season.

Most people look forward to fall because that means football. Football is definitely a lovable sport in this country. They can’t wait to see what their teams have in store for them this season and how far they are going to go. High school football is also a big deal, not only professional football! Everyone is so excited to watch their teams go from one game to the next, rooting for them.

Another reason why fall is the best is having bonfires with your friends. What better time to have bonfires? It’s nice to catch up with your friends surrounding a bonfire, just talking and roasting marshmallows! Making s’mores is always fun to do with anyone. Yes, you can have bonfires in summer, but sometimes the ground is too dry and can catch on fire. That happens just as well in fall, but it isn’t basically the whole season. Catching up and spending time with friends and family is amazing, but s’mores make it worthwhile!

Fall is also the time of the year when all of the most favorite holidays are coming soon! Thanksgiving and Christmas! That means spending more time with family and friends! What could be more important tha spending time with each other? It is definitely the best time of the year! Let’s make the best out of this fall!