Although I am going to college on the East Coast, my home is in southern California. The "traditional fall" aesthetic has always been a movie like dream of mine. As I pack up for fall break, I can't help but reminisce about what I will be coming home to.

1. *Turns up AC to enjoy a Pumpkin Spice Latte*

Ah Pumpkin Spice, a true fall staple. Who doesn't love a good #psl. However, it is hard to enjoy to a hot latte when it is still sunny and 85 degrees out. So, as any rational person does, sometimes you got to turn up the AC to enjoy your basic fall aesthetic.

2. Can going to the beach be considered a fall activity?

Going to the beach is great, especially in the summer. As summer draws to a close, the social media posts seem to be filled less with beaches and more with cozy sweaters and fires. However, because you live in California, you probably can't even start a fire because of all the wildfire precautions we must take. So, in conclusion, going to the beach is a fall activity, as long as you have a PSL in hand.

3. I want to drive to a pumpkin patch, but its too hot to touch my steering wheel

If the outside temperature is 80-90 degrees, the inside of your car is reaching triple digits at least. This inevitably leads to you getting into your car only to burn your hand on the steering wheel, give up, and go right back inside to your air conditioned house.

4. I guess I'll just have to wear "fall colored" t- shirts

There is normally a cherished few weeks where we can enjoy "fall clothes". For the most part however, us southern Californians stick to wearing "fall colored" t-shirt and shorts so that we don't melt.

5. Do I feel rain coming on?

Where I live rain is a rare, RARE, occurance. Half the time, the rain is warm and not super fun. When the rain comes, and is cold however, it is prime fall time. We also tend to take and post pictures with the caption "rainy days <3".

6. Where are the leaves

My East Coast friends were suprised at my excitement when the leaves started to change. I had to break the news to them, there are a lot of palm trees in souther California and their leaves don't change. If they thik=nk this reaction is wild....just wait until I see the snow.

7. I'm going to In-N-Out

There is only so many times you can enjoy a warm, punpkin muffin in the blazing eat before you give up and go to all southern californians' one true love-... In-N-Out. In-N-Out is always the move, no matter the season, no matter the time, In-N-Out is the go to.