"We aren't made to fall in line."

That lyric alone is so powerful. The overall message of this song is empowerment. Empowerment for women. Empowerment for those who lost their voice. Empowerment for those trying to find their voice. Empowerment for the suppressed. Empowerment for those who think they aren't good enough. Empowerment for the victims who are now survivors. Empowerment for those who came out stronger. Empowerment for those to know they aren't alone.

This song is so relevant to everything going on right now from Larry Nassar to Harvey Weinstein to Morgan Freeman to Matt Lauer. All of the young girls and women associated with these cases and so many other cases. This song is for them, to remember that they are worth so much more than their body. But that this moment does not define them.

The distorted male voice at the end shows what is really thought about a female. "Shut your mouth, stick you're a** out for me." and "Who told you you're allowed to think?" are two lines that are said. These lines show that a girls body is more important than their personality and that their opinion doesn't matter. Society makes it seem like a woman is important based on what she does with her body.

"You do not owe them your body and your soul". Girls, that's not all guys want, some guys, yes but not all and it is hard to find them but one day you will so don't give up and sell your body and soul to a guy who is just using you.

It is time to teach girls now that they are worth so much more than that because "all the truth in the girl is too precious to be stolen from her". A girl is too precious to be messed with and this powerful song should become an anthem for those around the world who know their worth.

I think this song came at a perfect time, everyone needs to hear this song, to know that you can't mess with girls and we will pick ourselves back up again and keep fighting. Time's up.