6 Easy Ways To Enjoy Autumn, Even In Florida

1. Decorate your dorm like a fall festival.

Michael’s Craft Store, Pier 1 Imports, HomeGoods, etc., are all holiday wonderlands, filled with tons of decor from jack-o-lantern lights to pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. On a college student budget? Dollar stores are just as great of a source, and you can save it all for next year too!

2. Check out nearby Fall Festivities.

You don’t have to buy a pumpkin from the supermarket if you don’t want to! There are a ton of Fall festivities within Florida like Hyde Park’s Fall Festival, Micanopy Fall Harvest Festival, and Oktoberfest in Lake Worth. Most of them mini pumpkin patches so bring your friends or family to pick out a lil guy to carve!

3. Pumpskin Spice and Everything BAKED!

Take advantage of your free time and bake some goodies! Apple pie, Pumpkin bread, Apple crumb muffins, pumpskin spice cookies… all tasty desserts that are easy to make with mom’s homemade recipe!

4. Bath and Body Works Autumn Scents Collection!

Everything from hand sanitizers, to room diffusers, to your hand soap, Bath and Body works is the place to BE this month. They’re always got coupons and deals floating around and scents that’ll make you feel at home like ApplePicking Hand Soap or Caramel Apricot Body Butter.

5. Make the weather work for your outfits.

Just because we live in a consistent humidity based state, doesn’t mean we can’t dress like we’re on our way to take cute pictures at an Apple Farm. Try to incorporate burgundy or olive green through cordorouy skirts, ponchos, booties, or wool floppy hats!

6. Starbucks. PSL. Is. Back.

What greater fall necessity to look forward to? That’s right ladies. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and better than ever!

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