Fall is truly the best season of the year with vibrant leaves and snuggly sweaters. Attending school in Mississippi has only made me realize that fall in the South has nothing on fall in the North. Although CT doesn't have much, it has a perfect fall season. Here are 5 trademarks of fall in CT.

1. The Merritt Parkway turns into a magical pathway of colorful trees

Taking a road trip isn't so bad...

2. You can eat a dozen of Bishop's farm apple cider donuts without feeling bad

There's nothing like the taste of fresh apples and donuts

3. Corn mazes on corn mazes 

What starts as good old fun normally turns into you yelling at your family/friends

4. The Trail of Terror will always give you a good scare

Waiting in the 4 hour line in the freezing cold is totally worth peeing your pants by the end

5. Pumpkin picking and Haunted Hayrides make for the best date nights

There's nothing like throwing on a sweater and leggings and spending the night exploring local hayrides and pumpkin patches. There's too many to count.