The leaves starting browning and the skies become colder as gray clouds set their routine morning mist on cars, windows, and any other surface within their reach. Fall is here.

Every autumnal season is marked by the coloration of leaves and the graying of skies alongside the manufactured ideals of fall with PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) and the pulling out of utility jackets. Tumblr posts start ramping up in a production of sweater-weather content and gifs of lazy steam coming from mugs of some tea or another.

But what has made fall as romanticized as it has become? I believe it is the weather.

It involves the first glimpses into weather where one is "forced" to wear soft, warm jackets and find positions in which they can gaze out through a window to watch racing clouds. I, personally, love the fall sun. Yes, the fall sun. The sun is remarkably different in the fall than it is in the summer, besides its reduction in power due to heavy clouds blocking the heat. The gray clouds allow piercing rays to cut through them, resulting in a beautiful gray-white glow around the whole-setting. Mountains become bluer, plants that have remained green seem greener, and everything seems surrounded by a natural white-box lighting rig.

In other words, the whole surrounding world becomes perfect "Instagram lighting," hence the increase of posting of natural-lighting photos during this time of year. Staying by loved ones becomes more necessary as cold weather encourages closeness and unity. Even the early darkness that is set by the sooner-setting sun allows for brighter fairy lights to twinkle from bedrooms and from outside houses.

I find myself happier with drinking my teas while working when the weather is cooler rather than warmer. And speaking of working, I find myself to be a lot less tired in the fall time than when I feel that I am melting from harsh summer weather. Autumn is the most magical of holidays, first and foremost, because of the existence of Halloween to kick-off the rest of the harvest holidays. The colors, the chill, and the comfort of fall all contribute to its reverence amongst especially this generation of social media users and my fellow cozy-enthusiasts.