A Fall Beauty Prediction

If these past couple of seasons have brought anything to the fashion and beauty world, it is the reminder that throw back looks are very, very powerful.

As printed mini dresses, flared jeans and lace-up sandals grace fashion advertisements a-la the 1970s and boyfriend jeans with messy hair and anything black bring back the grunge of the 90s, it is so blatantly obvious that fashion truly is cyclical.

If beauty takes any hint from fashion, then we could be in for some throwback hairstyles this season. For the past couple of years, shorter hair has been gaining popularity. Starting in 2014 when Vanessa Hudgens debuted her long bob, or lob, a more cropped 'do gained popularity longer tresses.

With fashion mavin, Kylie Jenner debuting an albeit faux bob a fashion night's out, the Met Gala, the transition to the a-line hair cut in more in line than ever.

As fall comes nearer, we can expect to see hair get shorter, and hopefully one bold star will bring back the fabulous hair style that has since been popularized by moms and early 2000s movie lovers alike.


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