Fairy Houses: A Poem

I constructed them with grass, twine, and shiny little pebbles.

I built and built, decorating the outside with light pink petals.

My back burnt from the scorching sun since I was out there for hours.

I still built gleefully though adding more beautiful flowers.

What kept me going was that feeling of delight.

That feeling that something wonderful might happen in front of my very own eyes.

My houses might glow and the fairies might swarm around.

Smiling angelically at the incredible homes I've found.

They might show me their magic and help me find my own.

They might thank me for the kindness I have shown.

Their comfy and warm houses might make them feel safe.

And I might even thank them for showing me how much possibility the world has every day.

Building and building kept me seeing possibility in this mysterious big world.

The fairy houses time and time again made me want to see the magic unfold.

As I grew older, this feeling felt like it faded away.

The world became overwhelming and scary much to my dismay.

I have yearned for this feeling for so long, and I think I found it with you.

This world feels big again and all my wishes can still come true.

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