Fair and Lovely

I need to be fair-skinned to be lovely

And I cannot bring myself to believe that

I am worthy

I know deep down that

I am not respected because I have darker skin

No one can convince me that

Beauty is described from what's within

I am confident that

My skin color defines me

No one can convince me that

I should be equal in the eyes of society

I am sure that

My skin color makes me less wanted

No one can convince me that

My skin color isn't the reason I'm being taunted

Lightening my skin will make me prettier

And I'll never agree that

I don't need to be fair-skinned to be lovely.

Now, read from the bottom-up.

This poem (read top-down), shows the pressures and low self-esteem societies impose on teenagers (and people of all ages) because of colorism. Fair and Lovely is a skin-whitening cream which claims to make individuals beautiful by lightening their skin; it pictures darker-skinned women as more inferior, which unfortunately, promotes colorism in society.

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