Hardships Are A Part Of Our Relationships, But That's Life

Hardships Are A Part Of Our Relationships, But That's Life

Failure in relationships is part of life, whether it is with someone who is blood-related or a long-term friend.

If there is one thing that I learned throughout my college career, it is that relationships are hard. So freaking hard.

We're not even talking about romantic relationships. We are talking about the relationships that we have with the people around us - our family, our friends, our roommates, and our boyfriend/girlfriend. Relationship building is part of human nature and we all desire to grow and belong. However, we all know how hard relationships actually are, with the commitments that we make that require time and care.

As these relationships grow, we become vulnerable, and as we become more vulnerable, our expectation for this person increases. We start to depend on this person and expect this person to know you inside and out. This doesn't come only with romantic relationships, but in our relationships with our friends and even with our family members.

But the only person that truly understands you is, well, you.

I've learned that many relationships in your life will come and go, and it gets to a point where you may feel lonely, but during this time is when you prosper! I have learned that it takes loneliness to build a stronger heart, as well as a growth within who you are and your understanding of yourself.

Many times when I talk to people about relationships, whether it is with a married couple, siblings, or best friends, they all end with, "Relationships are hard, but it's how you make it work that matters."

Relationships are hard because we are all different individuals, with different ways of communication. But if there is one thing I can conclude with, it's that in a relationship with an individual, acknowledging that as you have your weaknesses and sensitive areas, your friend, dad, mom, sister, boyfriend/girlfriend has their own weaknesses and sensitive areas as well.

It's so crucial and makes a huge difference once you realize that in a relationship, there needs to be clarification and a certainty that both sides want to work on their relationship with each other so that the journey is not a one-way street, but a two-way street of receiving and giving.

Failure in relationships is part of life, whether it is with someone who is blood-related or a long-term friend. Relationships are hard but there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, so don't give up on those you love and on those who love you back!

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8 Short Facts All Girls Under 5'2" Have Accepted, And No, We're Not Armrests

But where are all the petite models?

Throughout elementary school, I was one of the tallest people in my class. Then, somewhere around the seventh grade, I achieved what was to be my final height: five feet and two inches... short by anyone's standards.

1. Somehow, we always seem to get stuck behind the tallest people in the movie theater.

Cue two straight hours of craning our necks, leaning from side-to-side, and stuffing any available jackets underneath us in some vain attempt to see. Extreme frustration is inevitable.

2. ‘Cute’ and ‘Fun-Size’ are just about the last things we want to be called.

Puppies are cute. Babies are cute. But no, short girls should never be referred to as cute. We are all keenly aware of our diminutive stature, and the constant comparison to other small things is unwelcome.

3. Until the fashion-industry embraces height-diversity, we will never be models.

As someone who would love nothing more than to strut down the catwalk, I lament this fact daily. Petite models FTW!

4. Heels are a must, if for no other reason than to be at the same level as our peers.

I firmly believe that I could win an Olympic medal in track and field… while wearing stilettos.

5. Most of the time, we look like children dressing up in our mom's clothes.

Finding a pair of jeans that actually fit is akin to finding a unicorn. Seriously, though. Why are the pant legs always so long? If anyone ever finds jeans that don't require cuffing at the ankle, please contact me immediately.

6. Closets are the devil’s instruments.

I mean, seriously, who needs drawers that high up? I keep a step-stool on hand for this very reason.

7. In that same vein, reaching equipment at the gym is an endless struggle.

I will forever be searching for weight machines created especially for the vertically-challenged among us...

8. Our heads are NOT to be used as armrests.

An open plea from us short folks to the giants of the world: our skulls absolutely do not appreciate having your forearms atop them. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.

Despite our shortcomings, however, (pun absolutely intended) short girls get to see the world through our own unique lens, and I, for one, wouldn't trade my height for the world.

Hey, besides… the kids section is so much cheaper!

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My Soulmate

You are the one I want now and forever.

Before I met you, I was under the illusion of love.

Before I met you, finding the right man was what I always think of.

After I met you, I was ready to give you my all.

After I met you, into love for you, I fall.

Now, I call you my soul mate,

Because with you I saturate.

Like every couple, we argue,

But never imagine my life without you.

You are the one I want now and forever.

The one who takes me out of illusion,

And make my disillusion.

For your love, Soul Mate, I will fight whenever.

Forever in your arms, I want to stay.

Hold me tight, make me your one and only.

Teach me to love more, day by day.

Keep me from being lonely.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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