To a failed first date(s),

Thank you. You were a perfect gentleman. You picked me up, opened my car door, and complimented me on my obvious efforts for the evening. You listened to me, you laughed, you cared. And although the conversation was a little dull, and the candle light not quite right on your silhouette, I will always value you. Needless to say it didn't work out between us, I kindly declined a second date, but don't think I don't think about you. You showed me that not only do good guys still exist, but my prince charming too. You may have not been the man of my dreams, but you made the man of my dreams become a man of reality. Thanks to your chivalry, you’ve given me hope, and perspective. That’s just what God wanted.

I think we (both men and women) grow hopeless when first dates don’t work out, but we shouldn’t, because like the abundance of life’s hardships, it’s all part of Gods plan. God doesn’t want us to settle for just anyone, he wants us to have the right one. That may mean going on one-too-many failed first dates, and that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged. The date was not pointless, not even close. Think about it this way, in realizing why you won’t be perusing a relationship past the first date, you realize what type of date you would like to peruse. Maybe someone wiser, or more adventurous, family oriented, or faithful. Helping you to distinguish what your type is, what kind of man will compliment you best, and who will make you happiest. So don’t be afraid to dream him up; set your standards high. There is no such thing as “too high” of standards, and don’t let anyone not meeting them tell you any different.

But don’t get too caught up in finding him just yet! You’ll miss all the fun of dating! For now, bask in your singleness, and enjoy the pampering. Because, hey, not only will you be getting lots of free food along the way, but every Mr. Wrong is one step closer to Mr. Right.