Facts, fiction and everything in-between.
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Facts, fiction and everything in-between.

The power of every story ever told.

Facts, fiction and everything in-between.

I've been asked why in the world would I create a writing project that in a sense recreates Norse mythology as it was handed down to us since the 13th century? My answer is multifaceted; with the biggest factor being I personally wish to be a mystical detective of sorts and fill in the missing gaps of a fragmented mythos that I cant help but feel can be fleshed out via archeology, anthropology, and some insightful gut instincts. All stories begin with the root of human communication: Language, and in coming to understand since time immortal humans would take great lengths to tell and share stories of common interest, I also understand even within fantasy, there is some kernel of truth the storyteller wishes to convey. Everyone loves a great story that teaches, inspires, or warns future generations of the depiction within the moment of time the original story was told to enthralled listeners. Cultural Mythologies are no different, however with the older extinct Cultures, this becomes more problematic if one can find but a handful of sources that survived those time periods.

I will take artistic leeway and use the art I love -writing, to create a complete story of how I envision the rise and fall of pre Christian (and yes pre Viking era) Norse Mythology. I aim to use the understanding of what all mankind would have had mastered and accomplished within the Eurasia theater in that time period. By this I mean the customs, tools, religious practices and habits of real tribes who were migrating and inhabiting the topography of that time period. Using as many scientific facts as I can uncover will aid in my re-telling of this Story, however it will also be as all stories told orally for centuries then handed down in writing become; a fantastic tale. I will use my imagination and my love of ancient Europe to fill in any blanks of time or places that just isn't in the Mythos we do have today to read.

Will my contemporary tale make some people uncomfortable or even put off? Most likely, but as all artists do, I must listen to my screaming muse and create this retelling for myself. I do not wish to have my work viewed as academic in any way; this is a work strictly for entertainment and thought provocation for any Mystic Mongrel like myself who on occasion says "I wonder what if....?".

Finally, in this process I am developing understanding; not just of history, but of the beauty and tragedy that comes when people from distant lands migrate and conquer or absorb the people who were already established firmly within that panoramic scope of place. I gain understanding of human nature, of my own spiritual pursuits, and what it means to cooperate and accept others for their differences and their uniqueness. I invite anyone to enjoy this epic story as it unfolds, and I also challenge you to dig deeply into any mythology or folk tale that speaks to you and fill in any missing gaps you find. Let your own version scribe itself deeply into your heart; because it is the very tales we know like the back of our hands that build a soul map to unknown destinations still calling for each of us to discover ever anew.

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