5 Horrific Things You Definitely Didn't Know Really Happened During Your Favorite Horror Movies

5 Horrific Things You Definitely Didn't Know Really Happened During Your Favorite Horror Movies

The horrors that take place off camera during filming...

Encompassing classics including Tod Browning's "Dracula" and James Whale's "Frankenstein," the horror genre is one that has been played with across multiple platforms and loved by many, including myself. The common thematic elements of darkness and the drawn-out feeling of anticipation always leave me on the edge of my seat, preparing for the antagonist to suddenly pop into the frame, such as the witch's appearance in "The Conjuring" or the demon's appearance behind Elise in "Insidious." While many find this scenes scary, I learned the creations of these scenes are sometimes much worse. Horror stories of their own occur behind the scenes of horror films, leading to stories that prove to be more terrifying than the actual film plot. Here are five facts I learned about your favorite horror movies that you probably didn't know happened:

1. "Poltergeist" (1982)

As a way to make the movie more authentic, real skeletons were used during the film as at the time (and because plastic skeletons were more expensive). Meaning that, during this pictured scene, Dominique Dunn was actually swimming with corpses (which is extremely gross). Not only did this happen to her, but after filming, she encountered a near death experience when her ex-boyfriend strangled her... in the same fashion the evil puppet did to Oliver Robbins in the film.

2. "The Amityville Horror" (2005)

"The Amityville Horror" was a success in the box office, but the events that played out behind the scenes paints another picture. Both the cast and crew repeatedly woke up at 3:15 in the morning, the same time the original murders occurred. In case that wasn't a big enough red flag, during filming, a D E A D B O D Y was found washed up on the shore near the set of the film (EW).

3. "Rosemary's Baby" (1968)

During this classic, events turned towards the worse almost as soon as the cameras began filming. The main producer, William Castle, received an anonymous letter in the mail that read he would, "slowly rot during a long and painful illness," and soon after began his battle with sickle cell anemia, plagued with back to back surgeries until his death (??!?!?!). After this, the composer for the film's score died after falling off an escarpment. These incidences were followed with much more, including the entire staff getting sick from food poisoning and another producer of the movie suffering a stroke when driving back from the set.

4. "The Omen" (1976)

After the movie's filming wrapped up, the movie's designer, John Richardson, and his girlfriend became the victims in a fatal accident that left Richardson with minor injuries, but his girlfriend was completely decapitated in the same manner as Jennings in the film (AKA, red flag no.1). Following this event, the movie producer's plane was struck by lightning on route to the film's set location. Gregory Peck, the lead actor, then missed his flight which would later crash and leave no survivors. In a separate event when the crew needed to fly to another location for the filming of the movie, the plane would also crash and kill all crew on board. Clearly, someone didn't want this movie made.

5."The Exorcist" (1973)

Widely believed throughout Hollywood to have been cursed is the crew and cast of "The Exorcist" were plagued with incident after incident leaving no speculation whether or not the supernatural was involved. The actor, Jack MacGowran, who plays Burke Dennings in the movie, died unexpectedly just after he wrapped up his part in the film, along with a special effects worker and a security guard who died on the set during production. Then, the entire set of the film burned down in a fire, whose cause is still unknown to officials, necessitating that it must be entirely rebuilt except one room, which was left perfectly intact...served as the room of the demon-possessed girl (MAJOR MAJOR RED FLAG). The fear became so great that the director, William Friedkin, was forced to bring in a priest to perform a real exorcism. However, the measures to counteract the evil taking place on set did not work, and the incidents worsened. On its release, several audience members across the U.S. all died from heart attacks while viewing the film.

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