Some Facts About Juventus Football Club

Some Facts About Juventus Football Club

Facts About Juventus


You have purchased Juventus soccer jersey to cheer your team. However, how much you know about your favorite club? In this article, we bring you the history and some facts about Juventus F.C. If you are a true fan, you already know that it is a Turin, Piedmont based professional football club. However, you are least likely to know that this club was founded by some Torinese students in 1897. Since 1903, they have been wearing a home kit with black & white strips.

This club has a nickname - Vecchia Signora which means "the Old Lady".

Juventus F.C. has won National Super Cups seven times and Coppa Italia 13 times. The club has also won 2 Intercontinental Cups, 2 UEFA Champions Leagues / European Cups, 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup, 2 UEFA Super Cups, 3 UEFA Cups and more.

With Giovanni Trapattoni as a club manager, the club has won thirteen trophies over a span of 10 years before 1986. These trophies include 5 international titles and 6 league titles. Juventus Football Club also became the first club to win Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Cup and the European Champions' Cup. These three competitions are organized by the UEFA.

After winning European Super Cup in 1984 and Intercontinental Cup in 1985, Juventus Football Club became the first and only club that has completed a clean sweep of all confederation trophies. Over the years, the club added more feathers to its cap.

In December 2000 FIFA's historic ranking, the club was at the seventh position. According to the statistical study series by the IFFHS (the International Federation of Football History & Statistics), the club was ranked the second best in Europe. These are the highest ranks achieved by an Italian club in both.

At the national level, Juventus Football Club has the largest fan base. Its fan base is one of the largest in the world. While most of the European sporting supporters' group are concentrated around the city of the origin of the club, this club is spanning throughout Italy and Italian diaspora. So, Juventus Football Club is a symbol of Italianness and anti-parochialism.

Since its foundation, this club has been known by different names including:

  • S.C. Juventus: 1897 - 1998
  • F.B.C. Juventus: 1899 - 1937
  • Juventus: 1937 - 1943
  • Juventus-Cisitalia: 1943 - 1945
  • Juventus F.C.: 1945 - Present

Juventus Women's Team

On 1 June 2017, the club acquired the Women's Serie A license of Cuneo Calcio Femminile and created Juvenstu's Women's Team. Next year on 20 May, this team won the national title in Women's Serie A. It was a goalless draw and the team secured a 5-4 victory in a penalty shootout.

Juventus Football Club is known for producing the best young talent. The club has several football schools and satellite clubs in the United States, Greece, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

So, if you are a Juventus Football Club fan or a young player who want to join this club, you can buy Juventus soccer jersey, Juventus training pants and other products online. You can visit an online store selling Juventus apparel for kids, men and women.

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