More often then not we find ourselves wishing we had a life as perfect as some of our facebook friends. Why? Because Becky get's to go on vacation 10+ times a year, Tracy has a magnificent husband that brings her breakfast in bed EVERY morning, Sally has such clear skin in the pictures she uploads, Pam's kids get awards for almost anything and everything in school, Rachel get's countless promotions at work and Holly, well we can't get enough of her selfies at the gym.

We tend to compare all we see in our news feeds to ourselves and can't help but wonder "Why don't I have that?" It's unfair isn't it? You work so hard to get what you have and yet you feel like you're stuck in the same spot you were last year while everyone is getting ahead according to their Facebook profiles. It's almost like a race to see who's better. It's sad.

Let me remind you that not everything you see on Facebook is real. It's incredibly easy to stretch the truth and make up lies. Don't let the internet decieve you. Don't let it get to you because you're successful in your own way. Just because someone seems to be ahead of you on social media doesn't mean they're beating you at life. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and just because you don't document all your accomplihments on social media doesn't mean you don't have anything.

Have you ever noticed that you don't have any pictures of the actual best moments of your life? Why? Because when you're actually having fun, you forget to take pictures. The last thing on your mind is your phone or your camera. I'm not saying that when people upload pictures of of certain big events in their life it means they weren't having fun or anything but if you really think about it.. when you're on vacation or even just out "having fun", when do you pull your phone out? The few minutes you were downing the keg at your friends party or when you finally get put down and sit down waiting for your turn again? Exactly. Your phone doesn't exist when one is in the moment.

I understand that with other platforms like snapchat it has just become a norm to document your daily life. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely guilty of uploading stupid things that happen to me during the day- but when it comes to facebook, it's bad. It's even worse that most of the people guilty for having decieving things on their timelines are older people. People that shouldn't be feeling the need to impress others anymore. It's not like anybody ever should feel the need to impress anyway but I mean, we have all these older people uploading countless selfies and big lies everyday competeing to see who get's the most likes and adding people they don't even know to benefit their like count.

That's another thing, the likes. What is the necesity to have so many likes on a photo? I don't understand it. Can somebody please explain how in the world these likes will benefit them in any way? I personally find it pointless, if I had the option to eliminate the like button on my profile, believe me, I WOULD. I understand it might be a self esteem/ego booster for some to get up to a thousand likes on picture but I can bet you that anybody that has that many likes on a picture probably doesn't know half of those people.

Social media was made for one to be able to keep up with friends and keep in touch with old friends, not literally, CATCH UP and try to get ahead by uploading better content. Half the things being posted aren't even true anymore. Anywhere from the decieveing pictures to stauts updates or even check-ins. It's so easy for me to check into a a nice restaurant in Dubai when I'm actually laying on my bed in Marshalltown, Iowa.

There's nothing I hate more than people that act totally different on social media then they do in person. I honestly find it offensive when you find it easier to be so talkative to everybody and anybody on facebok but when you see them in person whether it'd be at the store or at a party they act like they don't even know you. This sadly happens to me more often then it should. Facebook friends should always be people you know in person, not people you hope to meet someday and you just want in your friends list just in case you end up meeting them someday. Like c'mon people how old are we? You should know this by now!