The simple words of a girl, just your average girl, that is far too tired of people judging her, and anyone else for that matter, for anything they can possibly think of. Society needs a wakeup call. Surprise, society. People are different than you. Get used to it. Man-up and accept the change before you judge someone else's character. Because as far as I'm concerned, Hannah Montana had it right when she said, "Nobody's Perfect." So read my poem, society. And swallow the words so they have a chance of getting to your heart.

But here's to those facing adversity of any kind, this is for you. To the people sitting quietly in the back of the room with their headphones on and their head down, this is for you. To the people hiding their insecurities behind a sense of humor, this is for you. To the athletes that don't really want to play, this is for you. To the actress too afraid to step on stage, this is for you. Come out of the shadows. We are all under the grasp of adversity. It's time to face it with dry eyes and a steady hand. A poem for you and me: because sometimes the only person that can motivate you is yourself.

They treat you like you're nothing, they call you names

Name after name, they tell you to change

They don't care about your mind, they don't care about your sanity,

they only see self-worth in vanity

Vanity so fair, vanity so fine,

why don't they love me for what I am on the inside?

The approval they hope I seek

really means nothing to me

I am who I am

There's no shame in that

Their slanders don't compare to the self-worth I have

My heart can be fragile, my heart can be like glass

but it won't be shattered by their lack of class

Words sharp as nails, skin thick as concrete

My heart is not damaged by the words that fly by me

I am who I am

I like it like that

Just because you want me to change

doesn't mean I will conform to that fact.