There's No Such Thing As "Transgender"

What You Call 'Transgender,' I Call A Fantasy

Science has proven that the sex you're born with is your gender.

Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman. Grown men cannot "identify" as seven-year-old girls. Children are being forced into "hormone therapy"—their bodies are put at risk, and their very identities are attacked on the basis of being "inclusive," "curious," and "non-binary." According to Ryan T. Anderson, (Ph.D.),

"…the media wants to ignore all of the costs. They don't care about the damage being done to young people's bodies and minds—in fact, they celebrate it as a civil right. They don't care about the privacy and safety and equality of girls when boys who identify as girls can share female-only spaces—like showers and locker rooms and bathrooms—and when boys who identify as girls win female athletic competitions" ("The Left is Shunning Liberals With Concerns," 2019).

In October of 2018, the Trump administration did the American public a favor by defining the word "sex" as: "biological sex." Since then, the entire LGBTQ community has been in an uproar. Is their fury justified? Those who do "transition" undergo years of hormone therapy, and the evidence for its effectiveness and safety is shockingly underwhelming. According to transgender medical reports (by medical consultation company Hayes, Inc.),

"—the overall 'quality of evidence' for every category of treatment was very low" ("Casualties of a Social, Psychological, and Medical Fad," 2018).

Among concerns for emotional stability, truth, and peace in our American society—regarding identity and the transgender agenda—the concern for individual safety is also posing many questions. According to a study conducted by the Amsterdam University Medical Center (on the side-effects of those who had undergone hormone therapy),

"Stroke risk and heart attack risk among such trans women was pegged as more than double what it was among other women, while stroke risk alone was almost twice that of men. Deep vein clot risk among trans women was also found to be five times that of other women and 4.5 times that of men…" ("Transgender Hormone Therapy," 2019).

We need to be educated about the possible effects of individuals' decisions regarding their sexuality. Children—whether we admit it or not—are shaped by their parents' ideologies. Teaching a child to question the scientific laws that govern the very meaning of sexuality and identity will cause their own perception of truth and reality to crumble. We've already confused millions of adolescence through our suggestions of unexplored sexual exploitation. Today there are unmatched rates of rising, various mental illnesses present in America. Irrefutably, anxiety and depression rates have skyrocketed throughout all of society, but these statistics are especially high among members of the transgender community. What are the reasons for this?

"The rates of depressive symptoms (51.4% for transgender women; 48.3% for transgender men) and anxiety (40.4% for transgender women, 47.5% for transgender men) within the current study far surpass the rates of those for the general population" ("Anxiety and depression in transgender individuals," 2013).

The original source behind the disillusionment of an entire society is not easily explained. However, we can explain why biology proves that an individual's sex is determined by the chromosomes in their body. According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D. (President of American College of Pediatricians),

"…transgender ideology holds that people can be born into the wrong body. It's simply not true. Human sexuality is binary…we know this because, in nature, reproduction is the rule, and human beings—we engage in sexual reproduction" ("How to Debunk Transgender Madness," 2017).

It's ridiculous that this biological, natural process needs to be re-explained. Obviously, society needs to accept the ultimate truth in every area, and freedom of speech should be protected regarding truth. Besides all of the biological evidence already provided, testimonies of the effects of transition should be considered when debating transgender issues. Former transgender woman Walt Heyer describes his initial transition this way,

"It's delusion. It's impossible…It's a mental illness" ("I Want My Sex Back," 2018).

Another transgender woman, Rene Jax, shares [his] testimony as well. He expresses strong regret for his choice. However, he claims that it's too late to de-transition now since he's been living as a woman for 30 years. He shares the painful process this way,

"Once I finally had the surgery I went, 'This was the wrong thing to do…' To cut off my male anatomy…I never had the full ability to have intercourse because the vagina that they make is so small. So, anytime I tried to have intercourse it was extremely painful and it wouldn't happen…These surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery… [and] the phalluses that they create from female to males are really hideous-looking" ("I Want My Sex Back." 2018).

Women have two XX chromosomes, and men have an X and Y chromosome. This is how humanity has reproduced throughout all of history. We possess binary, genetic markers, according to scientific, biological, and observable evidence. Gender stereotypes exist for a reason: there are two genders, and everyone falls into one of two categories, which are defined by differentiable, obvious traits.

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