Suicide is one of the touchiest, and complicated subjects to talk about. When I was young I suicide just seemed like something in the movies. I would always think to myself, "Why would anyone want to kill themselves?"

As I grew older, suicide became more of a reality to me. Starting off college is a rough start as it is. But the emotional challenges I faced were harder than I could have ever imagined. Dealing with discrimination in classes for my political opinions, being treated like shit by past boyfriends, and not really having a great support system while away from home.

The thoughts grew stronger coming out of my last abusive relationship. The pain that I endured in the aftermath was unbearable. I was completely lost, and hopeless. I would stay up at night telling myself that I wasn't good enough and that I am a failure. I would think of who would show up at my funeral if I did kill myself. There was even one moment where I was driving to work on a hot summer day. I was on the highway with the windows down and the music up, bawling my eyes out. Coming up ahead of me was a bridge, and it took me everything I could to keep me from driving my car off that bridge. Then when I arrived at work, I wiped my tears and threw on a smile.

It took me a long time to come out to my parents that I was feeling this way, and they wished I had told them sooner. My family and friends who I told were very supportive. I hadn't realized that holding those emotions in and simply "brushing them off" is not okay. Though I never attempted suicide, I was really tempted to make all the pain go away.

Since then, I have never felt better about myself than ever. I went and sought professional help to deal with my demons. I joined a sorority to find a good group of girls, and to have a "home away from home." I tried new things at school, enjoyed myself more and did things for myself. And now, doors are opening that I never thought would open, life is good.

My message I want to give to you is that dark times always end. It seems like those days will never end for you, and there is no way out, but you WILL feel better, and in time, you will understand. If you are ever having thoughts like this, please, please, please tell someone. You should never have to go through that alone. There are so many great things in life. Just like my science teacher once said, "Life is like an EKG, you have to have ups and downs. Otherwise, if it was a flat line, there is no life."

The world has lost too many people to suicide. You are too precious and unique to this world to be lost. You are so loved by so many people out there. Don't let them down, and don't let yourself down at a chance at life.