Exclusive interview with Cybele

Exclusive interview with Cybele

An Interview with Cybele


What inspired your passion for music?

When I was just a few months old, I used to accompany my Mother who took my older brother to Music Together classes in which we sang nursery rhymes and danced around. When I was about 11 months old, at least this is how the story goes, my mother heard me hum a tune I heard once in perfect pitch. When we moved to China, my mother wanted to further nurture our love for music, so she hosted music classes for us and the neighborhood children. From then on I began discovering artists ranging from ABBA, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera. I took every opportunity I could to sing and perform, including playing leads in school plays. I broke out at the tender age of 10 when I won a singing competition and CCTV which gave the winner a chance to perform on Chinese National Television for one of the most watched shows in the world. This performance really helped plant the idea in my head that music was a possible career. This truly helped me to recognize that what seemed impossible before was finally possible now. From then on, I kept singing, writing, dancing, and just perfecting my craft.

What are your goals for 2019?

Specifically for 2019, or can it be in the near future as well? In the near future, I really hope to be able to produce and fully record my album and get signed to a label to promote my material on a larger platform. I'm also hoping that one day, I will be a key component in the joining of the music audience from the East and the West and be a pioneer for a new genre of music that will include more diverse sounds. However, my goals are not purely based on the music; they are also based on the impact that my music will have. As I gradually grow my platform as an artist, I want to discuss more issues regarding the improvement of human rights on a larger scale. What becomes increasingly worrisome for me is the growing starvation rate of humans on the earth every year. For instance, the human race as a whole produces enough food to sustain 10 billion lives annually, yet millions die from hunger every year. What can we be doing more to change this?

How do you feel about connecting with your fans via social media?

Honestly, it's so amazing to see how the material I write touches people or to see that hard labor has paid off. It's the best feeling when you write a song and someone says "I can relate 100% thank you for voicing exactly how I feel". There is no way to put into words that sentiment that you receive once you know that someone appreciates what you have done and feels that you, a mere person, has changed someone's perspective on life and the world. And social media is so great for this because the fan could be anywhere in the world and you could still share a meaningful connection with just a sweet comment or a direct message. These new platforms have completely facilitated that communication process. I love talking with them so much.

What's your favorite quote?

I have so many quotes that I love. So many inspirational quotes on my wall, my hallways, my bathroom mirror. Many of them are motivational because on the days you feel down, sometimes you need a little reminder of why you started. I would say the one quote that perfectly embodies how I feel is "You can't add days to your life, but you can add more life to your days." This also reminds me that there is no excuse for wasting time. There is no excuse for doing things that don't fill you up and make you whole. There is not enough time to throw it out the window. You have to appreciate life at the moment and make sure that every single minute that you are achieving something, you are actively making your life easier for yourself in the long run.

How do you feel about the early success with the track Anything?

I have received much praise for my recent track Anything, which I'm so grateful for. Whether the comments are from a fifteen-year-old or an eighty-year-old, I'm so blessed to have listeners who are keen on what I'm going to release next. It is so rewarding to have people come up to you or write to you saying that they can't get your song out of their head or that they dance to it every morning. I'm so blessed to have supporters for this song and I'm very proud of my work on it, but I am most happy that other people can find joy from it. Thank you, thank you to all of my supporters and fans.

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My Life Being A Queer Person Of Color With A White Parent

Listen, it's is a hell of a lot harder than it sounds.


As some background story, it's no secret that I am biracial. My mother is white and Hispanic. Though my mother is "mixed," she is white passing. Also as a woman that has spent a majority of her life in the south, she had embraced the south baptist religious culture. This means that I grew up as one of the few brown kids in a predominately white church. I was very religious growing up. Until I went to college, that is.

I was on my own in college. I was able to do what I want and think on my own. I was able to be my own person. I met queer people and was exposed to different experiences. It was eye-opening for me and helped me open up. It helped me accept myself as a bisexual woman. Through college, I also became more of an activist for people of color, like me. It might not have been in a big way, but it was something.

Coming back home from college obviously proved challenging. I was a very different person then the person that left. I was more educated on matters that my mom probably never thought twice about. Every time I'd visit, we would fight about some opposing view we had. One specific fight was on why black history month and pride month were so important. She didn't understand why we had those, but why it wasn't okay to have a "white pride" month. I was shocked and disappointed. After a lot of arguing, I decided that she just wouldn't understand and I couldn't force her to.

After I lost my teeth, my mom started pushing her religious beliefs on me. She and her boyfriend, now husband, would tell me that God has a plan for me. This is after I told her that I didn't believe in God and didn't want anything to do with religion. My mother would tell me how this happened because I strayed away from God and lost my faith. It hurt to have someone that was so close to me keep pushing something I made clear I was uncomfortable with. Though it taught me a lesson. That being sometimes you can't get people to understand you and you can't make them. You can tell some people your beliefs and you can spread a message to people but that's all you can do.

In this situation, I had to realize that I couldn't talk about these things with my mother anymore. I couldn't tell her any more than I already did because it would go nowhere. Some people just don't want to listen and are bent on making you believe what they do. So I keep it civil now. I don't talk about the things that are hard to talk about. It sucks, but it's all I can do.

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A Complete Guide on How to Enjoy Divinity in Zagreb, Croatia?



Among many European countries, Zagreb is considered one of the hottest countries in the world. It is a destination where not many tourists go but if they decide to go, they make sure of managing everything in advance – which places to visit, how to visit, and when to visit are some frequently asked questions.

In this article, we have gathered enough information for all those who are about to travel to Zagreb for the first time. As it is the first time only when a tourist feels insecure and quite hesitant in hiring services.

Let's figure out what we need to know prior delving into other aspects. First and foremost, it is about the route you need to take, rent a car service, and place to spend your days. Secondly, it is about their integrities as in further details which might not be required to know in this article.

Where to go to Zagreb?

Following are some areas which are a must to go in Zagreb. Reason being they are the best tourist spots which are profoundly known for their landmarks.

1. St. Mark Cathedral

2. Lotrscak Tower

3. Ljubljana

4. Plitvice National Parks

5. Zagreb Airport

How to go to Zagreb?

Now, the question arises as to how one can go to Zagreb. Is it just through rental pick and drop services? Or do we have other options too? Well, the answer to it is simple: traveling across Zagreb is possible through hiring Auto Europe rental car service. It works with hundreds of drivers and customers with the utmost quality. A number of pickup locations make the visit to Zagreb easier by picking the tourist from the airport and taking them to the hotel. From hotel to the fixed tourist points is another task assigned to these rental car service chauffeurs. Everything is preplanned and at times decided on the spot.

What services to render for traveling to Zagreb?

This company is best in providing all you may need in a good rental car facility. Having said so, it complies best and affordable prices which mostly come in the form of a package. Moreover, each and every trip to Zagreb with Auto Europe is full of excitement and a new car. It helps in maintaining and stabilizing business of the rent a car globally. For instance, in summers, they offer sportscar which totally puts a customer in a state of awe; and in winters SUV is rented for climbing up the mountains.

Last verdict:

In short, cars matter the most and renting a car from this particular company, one tends to have a fun-filled, amazing, and full of memories kind of a trip.

You and I, all those who want to visit Zagreb, must explore the place with the right rent a car service. In this case, rent a car from Zagreb and visit other campsites in the pitches and patches of mountainous, natural, and epic areas.

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