Living at home your whole life with parents and two brothers. Having to share everything, having the smallest room that has remained the same shade of faded pink since you were ten. Saying I'm excited to decorate my studio apartment at school is an understatement. I lived with three roommates last year, and I loved it I did. Being able to be out of the house on my own, and meeting new people. But I have never lived completely on my own without parents or roommates.

  1. Having a space that is completely my own to do whatever I want
  2. Letting my weird little hobbies/interests be out in the open(I.e. astrology)
  3. Peace and quiet when I get home from class or work.
  4. Privacy
  5. Knowing if there is a mess I made it and it doesn't bother me
  6. Being able to take a shower as long as I want
  7. Decorating it how I want