Moving is something I just do not like to do. It seems like nowhere will ever feel like home except your own home. But when it comes to moving to college, I'm kind of excited. I've lived in a small town almost my whole life and over the years you see the same faces every day. It's always one routine and that gets boring real quick.

So, what I'm excited about is meeting a whole melting pot of new people. Don't get me wrong, I hate being social, I'm not good at it and new people make me nervous but that's all part of the fun, I guess. Breaking out of one small town and going to another feels like breaking away from a ball and chain. Although, I'll always like my hometown, getting out of it feels like a breath of fresh air. It feels like stepping on fresh grass at the beginning of summer, ready to explore and appraise every little thing. I finally get to see what else and who else is out there rather than the same thing and the same people every day.

What I am most excited about is the college experience. I get to take new, higher level classes to expand my knowledge rather than the bare minimum high school classes. Well, they say high school prepares you for college but a lot of people tell me otherwise. Really, I think the classes one chooses to take determine how well high school prepares you, but alas, I will be the judge of my own choices. I just hope the choices I made were good ones. I mean, pre-AP, AP biology, and chemistry should prepare me for pre-med... right?

Also, instead of being given the options of "The History of John F. Kennedy" and "Military History" along with maybe three other humanities classes, I was given a broad spectrum of classes in my high school curriculum choices. I have to take my basic classes but I'm thinking high school is just basic. Perhaps it is an intro to college 101 on an academic level.

Along with taking classes, the trick to actually learning something is to study. I am not very good at time management, probably because I've always had a loose leash. With this being said I'm excited to better myself in time management and study skills to expand my knowledge and grow as a person. Bettering myself is something I have always been interested in doing. Of course, I try, but now I actually have to, which is fine. I specialize in procrastination so learning how to manage everything on my plate will be quite an experience. However, nothing is going to stop me from freaking out during finals week but, again, it's all part of the fun.

There's more to the college experience than classes, obviously. I am excited for all of it, the football games, the late nights and early mornings, the activities on campus, breaking off onto my own path in life, and of course, a party or two.