Everything You Need to Know About Travel between the USA and the UK
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Everything You Need to Know About Travel between the USA and the UK

The Basic Details

Everything You Need to Know About Travel between the USA and the UK

Keeping in mind the continuous consideration of the spread of the virus and the ever-lasting pandemic, several countries all over the world continue to take major precautions in order to ensure the healthy being of its citizens and residents along with the ones visiting the country. Therefore, in case you are willing to travel to the UK from the United States of America and vice versa, there are certain things you need to know about travelling as well as about esta renewal. Therefore, this article will help you understand everything about the same.

The Basic Details

All the passengers travelling by plane to the US who are 2 years or older are required to offer a negative report of COVID-19. This test must have been taken within the previous 72 hours and the rule is irrespective of the place they are travelling from. Also, the people travelling to the US are also required to give documentation that is taken from a licensed healthcare professional regarding the complete recovery from COVID-19 within the last 90 days from the date of travelling.

Further, the order also needs an attestation by the passenger that states that they have gained a negative Qualifying Test result.

Information Specific to Nation

A Level 4 Travel Health Notice has been issued for the UK by the US State Department, which majorly states that travelling should not be done by COVID-19. Moreover, the restrictions regarding travelling continue to exist when it comes to travelling from the UK to the US. In case you have a plan to travel to the US, it is crucial that you go through the regulations related to quarantine for the state you plan to visit prior to your departure. Ensure that you will still be needed to be quarantined as stated by CDC even in case you are an exception or have simply received an order for directly travelling to the US.

The citizens of the United States who live in the UK are subject to the regulations of the government of the UK. You must not travel internationally unless the rules permit the same.

COVID-19 Restrictions for the UK

The response of the UK to the virus keeps updating repeatedly based on the monitoring of the situation by the government. The citizens of the US who live in the UK are also subject to the government of UK's regulations. In case you go to the UK, you may come back to the US. You must also take into consideration the restrictions that exist at your destination of arrival, if any.

Make sure to consult with your airline directly and to follow all the guidelines of the UK government when you are making your arrangements for travelling.

Even though the law does not state to necessarily wear face masks anymore, the government of the UK still suggests individuals to wear face mask coverings in public places, especially commuting through public mode of transport. The rules may vary from locality to locality.

Who Can Visit

All the travellers who visit the United Kingdom, along with the ones of British nationality, are required to show a negative report of COVID test that is taken within 3 days of the arrival in the country. Further, the travellers who are residents of the region and have been vaccinated in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England are not required to follow the procedure of quarantine.

Situation of COVID in UK

The UK is the first country of the world that started its program for vaccination, which has thereby reduced the burden that the National Health Services have. Further, all the adults who live in the UK have been provided with the vaccine's first dose. Even though the restrictions related to lockdown have been all eased all the countries that are part of the UK, Northern Ireland continues to enforce certain restrictions.

Also, there is a travel ban list that has been provided for rejecting certain nations from entering the UK. Luckily, the US is not a part of that list. Moreover, there are not any existing curfews or restrictions associated with interstate travel.

Requirements of Entry and Exit for the US

The US citizens can enter in case they are not travelling from a nation that is categorised in the red-list and since UK is not among them, you can surely do. Further, in order to enter the US, you must be required to have a negative PCR test report. For the same, you will go through the screening process associated with health at the ports of entry as well as the airports. This is a process for measuring precautions and maintaining utmost care to ensure the health and safety of all those entering and exiting from the US.

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