Here's Everything You Need To Know About The First Presidential Debate
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Here's Everything You Need To Know About The First Presidential Debate

All the major highlights from last night.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The First Presidential Debate

A lot of people started watching the debate between Trump and Biden but couldn't finish it because there was a lot of arguing and talking over one another. This debate was held in Cleveland, Ohio and it covered, or tried to cover, a wide array of topics. It was hard for any person listening to understand or follow along, because the two continued to interrupt and yell at each other.

They were arguing so much that Joe Biden actually told President Trump to shut up. Biden also called President Trump a clown and Trump told Biden that he wasn't smart and graduated last, or close to last, in his college class.

Avoiding all of the rude and offensive comments each presidential candidate made, there were actually some interesting things that were talked about. The first topic they covered was the coronavirus. Trump was asked how he thought his administration handled the pandemic in which he replied they they were doing exceptionally and that he made the correct call by shutting down international traveling early.

President Trump also discussed a vaccine that would be available soon and that it is political reasons that scientists don't want the vaccine to be released. Presidential candidate Joe Biden made comments on how he would be handling the virus much differently. He said that he would open schools back up as well as make a national mask mandate. He also fell back and stated a line he says often, which is that a lot of people have died, but a lot more will if Trump doesn't get smarter. Biden took most of his time refuting President Trump's claims about the coronavirus and stating how he would do things differently.

The second topic covered was the economy. Trump has often leaned upon this as one of his strong suits and one of the highlights of his presidency. He stated that the economy was better than it has been in a long time. He also said that the unemployment rate was lower than it had been in a long time before the pandemic. He argued that the economy would come back and would even be better than before the virus hit.

Joe Biden tried to chip at Trump's campaign by stating that the economy wouldn't have fallen so hard if Trump had handled the virus correctly, and we would have more jobs in the United States. Biden also argued that President Trump was handed a good economy under Obama and just continued to let it grow.

One main trigger and gaslighter topic was race and violence in America. Biden claimed that Trump was the racist in the Oval Office and that he created a racial divide. President Trump on the other hand brought up the 1994 crime law that Biden put into play that put millions of Black Americans into prison. Trump claimed that Biden was also a radical leftist that wanted to defund the police. Biden fired back claiming that Trump supported white supremacy and was a radical right. I don't believe that anything positive came out of this topic, and it was just a lot of arguing.

Another topic they talked about was President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett. Trump brought up the fact that he has placed over 200 judges because of vacancies that past president Barack Obama left open when he left the presidency. Biden, on the other hand, stated that if he were able to nominate a justice, he would nominate a Black woman. He refused to release a list of potential candidates, although asked, which President Trump did a little while back.

Biden and President Trump also discussed voting integrity. President Trump said that voting would be a mess this November and that there would be a lot of fraud, saying that mail-in ballots are a major reason for this fraud. President Trump urges his supporters to go to the polls and actually vote. Biden said that he believed mail-in ballots would not create fraud and that the voters should do mail-in so they can be safer.

This is just a small summary of what occurred in the debate last night. The next debate is set to be held on October 15th in Miami.

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