Everything You Know About Spring Rush Is Wrong

Admit it: you’re interested in joining a fraternity. Otherwise, you would have never clicked on this article. While I am sure you have already heard all of the many reasons why you should join a Greek organization, rarely do people explain the difference between the fall and spring semesters when it comes to fraternity rush. I am here to tell you that everything you know about spring rush is probably wrong, so read up so that you can know what to expect if you do decide to rush.

First off, know that the biggest misconception potentials make when it comes to spring rush is that they assume it will be exactly like fall rush. These potentials probably heard their buddies talk about how much fun tailgating was during fall semester and now they, too, want to be a part of something cool, so they decided to rush in spring and expect the same stories. As much as I would like to believe that this is true, it simply is not. I am not saying one pledge season is better than the other, but rather that every pledge process is different. For every pro there is for rushing during the fall, there is a con, and the same natural order of the universe applies to spring rush. Sure, you may be missing out on tailgating if you rush during the spring, but you will have formal season and Fraturdays to make up for it.

Another incorrect assumption spring potentials tend to make is that they are afraid active brothers will respect them less than they would someone who rushed during the fall. This is not necessarily true. Active brothers will respect anyone wise enough looking to join a fraternity, but this is not the same level of respect they have for one another. Why, you ask?

Well, it doesn’t make any difference to a brother if you rush during the fall or spring because, until you have completed the pledge process, you are not one of them. The bond between brothers has nothing to do with owning the same Old Row T-shirt, or the girls you get with. Brothers respect one another because they have all been through the same process and know what it’s like. Once you decide to rush -- whether it’s during the fall or spring -- and complete initiation, then you have earned their respect as a brother.

And, finally, potentials should realize that active brothers are very well aware that spring rush is for those that have a reason for why they didn’t rush when they first got to college but they do not care nearly as much as you think. There are millions of reasons why one may opt out of fall rush, but the point is that you decided to go through with spring rush and that’s all that really matters. Take advantage of the fact that you know more about the school than some future frat star fresh out of high school and go to houses you have heard positive things about. When they ask why you decided to rush now, tell them you wanted to make the most of your college experience and then ask him questions about the fraternity.

Joining a Greek organization my sophomore year was not only one of the best decisions I have ever made, but also one of the most surprising. I wish I decided to join my fraternity earlier because that would mean more time with my brothers, so I recommend spring rush to anyone willing to give it a try.

Check out a few fraternities, get a good feel of the type of dude in each house, and go with your gut. It’s that easy.

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