Everything You Know About Life Is Probably A Lie, So Just Do You

Everything You Know About Life Is Probably A Lie, So Just Do You

Because you'll always be you.


Avocados are one of the best foods for you, but as the joke goes, us millennials will end up sacrificing our ability to buy a house due to our immense love of avocado toast...but then again, avocados are high in fat, so you shouldn't eat them all that much, anyway.

Low-income students seem to have an edge in the college admissions process, as they'll receive tons of financial aid from colleges in general, making it easier for them to attend college nowadays...but at the same time, they're less likely to be selected to attend these schools, as colleges and universities prefer wealthier students who'll fatten their pockets with endowment and tuition.

Thousands of precautions have been taken against climate change, ranging from ocean clean-ups to landfill eradication, but nonetheless, according to EcoWatch, the world has but ten years left...TO LIVE.

More and more of America's middle class has been rising up into higher areas of wealth. But still, the middle class is the majority--and yet, the majority of the power rests in the hands of the wealthy 1% elite.

That boy you had dinner with the other night? The one who said he'd really like to pursue "this thing" with you? Well, he's said that to another girl...and another...and another...


In this life, you can never win! Whenever there's a positive, there's always a negative counteracting it. And nowadays, it seems that these negatives become more and more overpowering as the days go by. It almost seems like too much to handle, doesn't it?

Then don't.

Seriously! The world is going to turn, no matter what we do, and the world is going be swallowed up by the sun, no matter what we do. Life will go on and avocados will be grown and people will fight the self-destruction of our planet and low-income students will get into college while others won't, and that boy you had dinner with will still ask you out on a date, again. And the world is going to turn, no matter what we do...

So you do you! No one lives forever, so eat that cheesecake while you still can. Friends aren't always for forever, so go on that road trip with your best friends. Take pictures. Smile. Live. Laugh. You're still young, or maybe you're not. But what does it matter? Life is brief, and these days are briefer; make the most of them.

Because everything you know about life is probably a lie, so just do you. It's literally all you can do. That movie star's perfect lips might be fake, and that cheesecake might be 99% sugar, but at the end of the day, you're still you.

And you'll always be you.

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5 Cost Effective Ways to Lose Weight

"New year, new me" doesn't mean new year, new fees!

Many people make weight loss a new year resolution and that's great. Taking the opportunity of the new year to make a positive change that will improve your health is always a great thing to do. But people tend to make the mistake of attempting to join the gym. For the first few days or weeks of the new year, gyms are filled to the brim with bright-eyed hopefuls getting a head start on their goals. By February, most of these people have given up and the gym is back to normal until the next year. Here are 5 ways to jump start your weight loss journey without signing up for and then canceling a gym subscription:

1. Start With At Home Workouts

The internet is a wonderful place where lovely people share the knowledge they have at no cost to you. If you have never gone to the gym before or are not comfortable in such an environment, pick a video or an app and get in a workout in the comfort of your bedroom. Building up motivation and cultivating a habit of working out can be a better first step than just diving into the gym, spending all that money, not knowing how to create a workout, developing a routine, or even using the machines and then canceling your membership. Some of my favorite fitness YouTube channels include:

- Fitness Blender

- Blogilates

- HASfit

- Joanna Soh Official

There are also some great app options like:

- Pump Up

- 7 Minute Workout

- Aaptive

Weight loss does not have to equal money lost!

2. Start Meal Prepping

If you are chronically ingesting high fat, high calorie, low nutritional content food, working out will NOT help you. Health is 80% what you eat and 20% how much you exercise, so try to start prepping meals on the weekend. You can prep one meal, for example, lunch, for the whole week or prep some healthy snacks. A little change can go a long way.

3. Sleep More

Studies have shown that getting the appropriate amount of sleep can help you lose weight. Increased sleep actually helps us balance our hormones. A well-rested brain allows you to make better food choices. Also, by sleeping earlier, you eliminate late night snacking and are consuming less calories daily. So be sure to get some rest and drop those pounds.

4. Drink More Water

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Drinking a glass of water before every meal fills you up more, aids in digestion, and therefore can help you lose weight. Often times when we get "hangry" or start grabbing snacks, we are actually just thirsty. If you sip some water and find yourself still hungry, grab a healthy snack. Other benefits of hydration include clearer skin, healthier hair and less body odor. So use that money you would have spent at the gym for a nice water bottle.

5. Don't Diet, Eat Intuitively

Use this year to learn about your body and how to listen to it. Often times certain cravings correspond to a specific micro nutrient your body needs. Also, if you are craving something but keep yourself from it, you're much more likely to binge on that thing later on. Eliminate this idea of cheat days/meals and different diet plans. Eat a balanced, healthy variety of foods and try to keep up with what your body wants.

If your goal for 2018 is to lose weight, you do not have to spend money on a gym membership and a personal trainer to get started. That is why I suggested these five cost effective lifestyle changes that you can make starting tomorrow. They can completely transform your life by years end. "New year, new me" doesn't mean new year new fees!

Cover Image Credit: theievoice

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You Can't Change What You Can't Control

Commit yourself to the things you can change, and change them for the better.

I know what you’re thinking, and no. This isn’t a new years resolution. This is a mindset that I’ve had for awhile now, and after doing some research, it’s a mindset that not many people think in. Too many humans get caught up in issues they have no control over. Unproductive thinking is the worst kind of thinking, and it’s completely impractical.

Stressing your body or mind out about situations you have no control over, is pointless. No good can come from being stressed out about the weather, or traffic conditions. Those are instances that you (nor anyone else) can control. So what if it rains on the busiest Saturday of the month? Go about your day stress free, and see how much better the outcome is. A day can not be the best if you are under stress. Your day can only be as good as you let it be.

Control what you can, forget about what you can’t. What you can’t control, doesn’t really matter. Okay, maybe it might matter. But, take the issue into your own hands. If you can’t resolve it then do the best you can to work through it. Worrying about an issue that you have no control over is not productive thinking. Instead, try to think how you can fix such issue. If there is no fix, then it is time to move past it. Odds are, it won’t matter in one year anyway.

Instead of worrying about the worst possible outcome of a situation, turn your thinking around. Realistically, what will happen? Play out a few scenarios in your head, and keep them rational. Worrying about the highly unlikely is unproductive, it’ll cause you to be anxious about a situation that isn’t that bad. (At least realistically). Stop thinking about the “What if’s” those do not matter. Who cares, completely forget about those. Focus on what is really happening, and what you can really do to ease the situation. Its 2018, stop dwelling, come up with solutions. Is there anything you can do to minimize the bad? If yes, do so. If no, move past it.

As humans, we often see flaws in others. We don’t do this purposely, but we do it. Why do others flaws even matter to us? It isn’t as if we can change the fact that others are different. Differences do not equal weaknesses. This is just another example of something we have no control in: other people. Trying to change a person into someone else isn’t a good mindset. Humans are all different, every single one of us. Twins exist, yes, but thought patterns differ from person to person. Trying to morph other’s way of thinking is virtually impossible. Why would you even bother trying to change another human being? Just let them be as they are, and go about your day. You can’t change what you can't control, and you definitely can’t control another full grown human.

Everyday is a new day. You can begin a healthier mindset any day, so why not today? You can’t press pause, skip ahead or rewind. Life doesn’t come with a remote. Choose happiness today. Unfortunately technology hasn’t led to time machines yet, so we never know what is around the corner. Embrace it, cling to the uncertainty. Deal with the issues that you CAN control. You can control how well you do on an exam. You can control your happiness. There are many things you CAN control, focus on those instead. Commit yourself to the things you can change, and change them for the better.

Determine what you CAN control, focus on that.

Cover Image Credit: Kaboompics

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