Everything we should ask the tenant?
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Everything we should ask the tenant?

From Ahsaas Program, the team wants to tell you about each of the things that you should ask the tenant.

Everything we should ask the tenant?

Everything we should ask the tenant?

Everything we should ask the tenant?

From Ahsaas Program, the team wants to tell you about each of the things that you should ask the tenant when putting a house for rent. Keep reading the article to find out.

Renting a home for the first time is a big step for any owner and it is normal for many doubts to appear regarding the subject. If you have a home that you are interested in renting, chances are that some questions have already arisen. In general, most landlords wonder what process they should carry out and how to select the ideal tenant. It is for this reason that we have decided to tell you what are the fundamental points so that you can clear all your doubts in this regard.

How to select the ideal tenant for your rental home?

When renting a home one of the most important points, which requires a lot of attention, is the selection of the ideal tenant. It is important to find a solvent, reliable tenant who takes care of the house, however, it is a rather complex task. We must take the time to analyze and it is important to have knowledge of the sector.

Since if we let ourselves be carried away by mere appearances, we can end up being disappointed with extreme situations. For example, we may find a professional delinquent tenant who does not pay the rent and ends up ruining the house.

In order to make a good selection of the tenant, it is essential to request basic documentation. This documentation will help us to get to know the tenant, in this way we can rest assured that they are a responsible tenant.

Personal documents

It is about requesting the national identity document (DNI), NIE or passport to identify our tenant. When renting a home, it is very necessary that all persons of legal age present this documentation. The objective of this point is that they also appear as tenants in the rental contract. A fundamental point is that all the documentation is in force and with all the updated data.

The references

A large number of landlords find it necessary to ask for a reference from previous landlords as long as the tenant who shows up has previously rented. To these references, you can add other certificates that will help us to evaluate the behavior of the tenant, for example documents of solvency or no bank incidents, the FIM certificate, a certificate of solvency for rent, this certificate is issued by the Delinquent Tenant File, which ensures that if it is a solvent tenant and that there are no payment problems.

Documentation related to the economic and labor field

Among the documentation that is essential to make a good selection of the tenant is that related to the economic and labor. With regard to labor issues, the most common is to request an employment contract and at least the last three payrolls received.

Regarding financial documentation, it is increasingly common to ask for bank movements in recent months, in this way it is possible to analyze the economic solvency of the tenant. Which is why the team of kingdom valley housing scheme makes sure that you have all of the necessary documentations in hand.

Three fundamental requirements to rent

Once we have found the ideal tenant for our rental house, at the time of formalizing the rental, there are certain things that we must request in advance, prior to handing over the house keys. There are three requirements, firstly, the legal guarantee of the rent, generally coincides with a monthly rent, and must be deposited by the property in the corresponding body depending on the Autonomous Community.

On the other hand, it will also be necessary to request the current month of the rental. Finally, If you are interested in having an additional guarantee, as stated in the Urban Leasing Law (LAU), it will be possible to request an additional guarantee. However, the additional guarantee must not exceed two months' rent.

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