Everything College Students Should Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Everything College Students Should Do Over Thanksgiving Break

Keep these things in mind while you're chilling at home this Thanksgiving.



1. Nothing

We may plan to catch up on all of the school work that we have procrastinated all semester long, but the truth is what most of us really need to catch up on is rest. There even may be some professors who love to sit back and watch the world burn who will still assign homework over break, but we all know that we'll probably put that off until the last minute like everything else too. As long as it gets done is all that really matters to be honest. Happy Thanksgiving!

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10 Spring Break Destinations For The Broke Michigan College Student

Dabble in a pure Michigan spring break.

Ever wonder how people your age go on vacation to the Bahamas or Mexico? Some would say money, others would say family relations, but my only explanation is that they are lucky as h-e-double hockey sticks.

If you're one of those students who has worked his or her butt off for the vacation in the Bahamas or Mexico, then I applaud you. Because that is a vacation is well-earned.

For the students that pay out of pocket for supplies, tuition, etc., it's baffling that other students can take the time off of work for a week and take a plane somewhere. We scroll through the photos on Facebook and see all of the drunk tweets, and we think, "In my dreams."

But it doesn't have to suck, you just have to know where to go, what to do, and how long you can be there for. In reality, going to the places on this list can be expensive, but only if you let yourself spend the money. Budget yourself!

Treat yourself. Not necessarily by taking a week off a work, but maybe just a day or two, in order to relax and renew your motivation.

Majority of the funding from these trips would be for gas. And for those who can't take a week off of work, these trips only need to last a weekend.

Check out these Michigan destinations for the broke college student:

1. Grand Haven

The drive is far for the students in the southeast, but for students in west Michigan, the drive is a breeze. On this vacation, the destination is exploration. It doesn't cost a thing to explore the sand dunes, walk on the beach or explore the downtown area. The hotels in the surrounding cities are affordable and decent. But, let's be honest, you'll spend the most time in your hotel room when you're asleep.

2. Grand Rapids

Just 40 minutes shorter of a drive than to Grand Haven, Grand Rapids is a great destination for city exploring, bars, and local entertainment. This up and coming city is more expensive to lodge in, so staying in a hotel in a surrounding city is worth the commute.

3. Pine Knob

It's never too late to learn how to ski or snowboard! And if not, riding the ski lift can be just as fun as a roller coaster. If the snow has yet to melt, then this would be a great destination to go with a group of friends to. Or even a romantic date. If your date is ready for you to fall on your butt all weekend. Rates are higher than we may like, but southeast college students will not pay as much for gas. Plus, we all know it's cheaper than the Bahamas.

4. Frankenmuth

Hallo frühling brechen or hello spring break! Fudge, taffy and a mirror maze!? What a deal. Frankenmuth is a town full of cheap fun, if you know where to find it! Budget well, don't spend all of your money on fudge!

5. Tahquamenon Falls State Park

You may fill up your gas tank a couple of times before arriving at this destination. But, again, that'll be where most of your budget lies. The park is free to roam in, and frozen waters are most definitely a sight to see. Bundle up before you head out on your adventure!

6. Downtown Detroit, more specifically Campus Martius

Detroit is a beautiful city in the winter. The park is open year round, but it's best to go in the winter for the ice skating experience. The rink is overflowing with gorgeous lights, smiling faces and smooth skating. Luckily, Detroit isn't too much of a drive for southeast Michigan students, but it's definitely worth the drive for students anywhere else in Michigan.

7. Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Ever tubed down an Olympic luge track? Now's your chance to try. Hotels in Muskegon are generally cheap, as are surrounding cities' hotels. Venture out into the cold, pure Michigan air and luge down an 850 foot track designed by a United States Olympian Frank Masley! And the rates are cheaper than 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

8. Ice Fishing in the Great Lakes

Our Great Lakes are convenient for great ice fishing!

9. Pictured Rocks

Most people go to see these beauties in the summer. They are just as gorgeous (if not more) in the winter. The waves are ferocious and the views are breathtaking. Lodging is inexpensive.

10. Traverse City

Cheap bars, free views and trails, galore!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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How It Feels When You’re The Only One Still Home For Break

All my friends have left, and there is no purpose for me here.


At my school, we have quite a lengthy break. Our break is about six weeks, so around one to two weeks longer than everyone else's.

At first, you imagine this break to be the most wonderful break in the world. You'll be home long enough to make some money and you can link up with all your family and friends! It'll be a blast being away from textbooks and school-related things in general. And it is, the break is awesome... until all your friends go back to school.

Since most schools go back a few weeks before mine, I have to send all of my high school friends back off to school while I get to sit at home. At first, I thought it would be a great time to get my stuff together. Figure out finances for next semester, class schedule, and other stuff. Although, there's only so much you can do.

So you're left with a problem. You're now trapped in bed, hardly any friends left in your hometown if any, and nothing to do. So you decide to catch up on that newest Netflix show everyone has been talking about. Two days later, you're in bed again, with nothing to do... again.

There's about a week left to break, and it's now spent with Netflix and FaceTiming your hometown and college friends. You start to reminisce on all the fun times you've had with your hall mates and fun weekends out on the town. While you twiddle your thumbs, remember that the border will end and you will be back soon making endless more memories and having sleepless nights filled with homework.

I learned that I have to cherish the time that I spend with people at home. My family and hometown friends are very important to me. I thought I would have no time to see them all, but there has been ample time for that. I just wish the time would end so I can get back to campus and make so many more memories.


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