"We're back, pitches!"

That's right boys and girls, men and women, humans of the universe; it is time for my last take on the "Pitch Perfect" movie: "Pitch Perfect 3." I mean, what can I say, it's over now. Am I gonna cry about it? No. They say that good thing must come to an end and that includes "Pitch Perfect." But, here is my two-cents about the movie.


Witty. The cast and directors knew this would pull the heartstrings of their beloved fans so there was a lot of jokes being made. If I could pick a favorite quote I would. But I can't, and I hate myself every day for it. ("Pitch Perfect 1" reference)

Overwhelming — but in a good way. I was not ready for what the Bellas were about to do. Jumping from boats, defeating Saddle Up, DJ Dragan Nutz, Soldiers, and the infamous girl group Evermoist in riff offs, hitting on hot soldiers, and so much more.

Needed. I feel like I'm speaking for all the Pitch Perfect fans when I say I needed this movie to happen. The Barden Bellas were not okay with just being reinstated, no. We needed a third movie. We needed to meet Bella, Stacie's daughter. We needed to experience Rebel Wilson's epic nunchuck skills, and we definitely needed to see Beca rise to stardom under DJ Khalid.

Deep, and I'm, not just talking about the water that Beca and Fat Amy and the rest of the gang jumped into as Fat Amy's dad's boat was going to explode when they were taken, hostage.

F*cking great. It's a play on words when Fat Amy cheered up Beca in the second movie when she was overwhelmed by her internship by calling her Beca f*cking Mitchell. But it was genius to say this because all the movies were f*cking great, and all the characters were f*cking great as well.

Remarkable. Splendid. Fantastic. Call it whatever, this movie is going to be one of my favorites for the rest of my life.

Fun. It's a fun movie. It's full of acapella and comedy and romance and even action! I was laughing and crying and also hitting my sister whenever a part came on that got me all excited. I am a huge fan of the actors in the production so I know that they all like to have fun on set and it really showed.

Unbelievable. Again, in a good way. So much perfection in a single film could not beat anything.

Loud, it is filled with acapella and singing with instruments and screaming and action and crying... it's bound to be loud.

All in all, if you take the first letter of every sentence, you will get my overall opinion on the movie. Spoiler alert: wonderful.

At the end of the movie, my sister, father and I got a little emotional (OK, mainly me). But it makes sense, I felt like I have gotten to know the Bellas since the first movie premiered in 2012.

Here's a gallery of the movie:

Thank you all for reading my opinions on the "Pitch Perfect" trilogy. Love you, awesome nerds.