We have all heard it.

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder."

But does it really? Does it really make everything better when you are far away from those people and that situation?

For me, so far, it has worked out pretty well.

Being away from home has taught me to appreciate my roots a little more. It has helped me appreciate my family and friends back home a lot more than I expected.

Yeah, it sucks because you can't help but feel homesick for those people and familiar surroundings, but it's all worth it when you go back and just feel complete again.

In my opinion, everything is better at a distance because it keeps you from getting tired of it so easy.

If you spend too much time in one place or with one person, then it just gets boring.

When I travel, I give myself two weeks at most in a place before I get bored to death. And I can only go back to visit that place after at least a year since my last visit.

Yes, I have my own guidelines.

Many people also see it from the relationship level.

Let's take my mom's relationship with my grandma, her mother-in-law, as an example.

"Your mom is her mother-in-law's favorite because she's far away, unlike her other in-laws," was what my dad said over dinner one night. And he's not wrong.

My mom is easily my grandma's favorite in-law and they always spoil each other because they rarely ever see each other.

It does suck not being around someone for more than like two weeks a year, like in my mom and grandmother's case, but the time you spend with them just makes it so much more precious.

The same thing can be said when you date online or do long distance dating.

You can message them all day and every day if you want, but that won't change what they really are when you meet them in person.

In this type of situation, people have often already made their own assumption of that person up in their mind just off the little they know about them; however, they can be completely different when you meet them in person.

Then you end up heartbroken, but it was good while it lasted.

So, while there might be some negative factors to the distance approach, it can ultimately be the thing that keeps you happy and appreciative of what you have.