It is hard enough to get a job after college but when you are a woman trying to make it in a male-dominated field the things you hear on a day to day basis make you feel like your future might not be so bright and you start to reconsider everything. Here is some things that every girl trying to get a degree in a male-dominated field is tired of hearing.

1. "You are going to have to be on your guard all the time because you are going to be getting hit on all the time."

Just because I might be working with a lot of men around does not mean that I will be getting hit on all the time. I can fend for myself and I don't need girlfriends around to have my back.

2. "You will be able to get a job easily because they will want a woman for diversity."

That might be true in some cases but I don't want a job handed to be to bring more diversity to their company. I want the job because they think I'm the best candidate and can bring something to their organization.

3. "You'll never be able to do everything a male can do on the job."

I am capable of doing anything and I am willing to learn and rise to the top in any situation.

Trying to make it in a male-dominated field is tough enough and people trying to speak things into reality into your life doesn't make anything easier. I am strong minded and will do whatever I set my mind to doing so having the potential of being the only woman at my work only makes me want to try harder to prove everyone else wrong.