Chicago's Iconic Picasso Turns 50

Chicago's Iconic Picasso Turns 50

Celebrating Five Decades of Public Art

The Chicago Picasso Turns 50

What are Picasso's connections to the city?

Pablo Picasso's untitled sculpture of 1967, often regarded as Picasso's Chicago, was the artist's first monumental sculpture in the United States. Though he never set foot in the city of Chicago, it is speculated that Chicago held a special place in Picasso's heart because The Art Institute of Chicago was the first museum in the United States to show his work. Though his sculpture was commissioned in 1963, Picasso refused payment and gave his sculpture to the city of Chicago as a gift.

The sculpture was originally commissioned by the architects of the Richard J. Daley Center in 1963 through the architecture firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (though the artist would refuse payment, insisting that his sculpture be a gift to the city). Picasso created a maquette of the sculpture in 1956, and approved a final model by 1966. Picasso never visited the city of Chicago. The sculpture was fabricated by the American Bridge Company of the United States Steel Corporation in Gary Indiana. The sculpture was jarring at the time of its unveil in 1967, mainly due to the fact that most of Chicago's sculptures were representational pieces depicting historical figures at the time of its conception. The Picasso was cubist in appearance, abstract to the point where no clear understanding of subject matter could be easily determined. The avant-garde work challenged viewers to open their minds and can be credited to opening opportunities for more exciting art pieces to erect in Chicago in the decades since. Today, the Chicago Picasso is a beloved landmark of the city and a popular meeting spot for Chicagoans in front of Daley Plaza.

Commemorating A Masterpiece

On Tuesday, August 8th Chicago marked the sculpture's 50th anniversary by re-staging the unveiling of the Chicago Picasso on Daley Plaza in 1967. Mark Kelley, the Commissioner of DCASE (Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events) opened the ceremony with some comments on the iconic 1976 Chicago Picasso. His statement shed light on Chicago's world-class public art collection largely marked by the arrival of Chicago's famed Picasso sculpture. August of 1976 was a seminal moment in our city's history for re-imaging our public spaces. The Chicago Picasso inspired the city and started a public art renaissance that laid the foundation for Millennium Park and all of its interactive public art pieces that reshape our urban environment. Interest and support of public art was made possible today by Picasso's contribution in 1967.

The Chicago re-dedication ceremony included youth performances by the After School Matters Orchestra and Chicago's Children's Choir. The Chicago's Children's Choir had also performed 50 years ago during the original dedication in 1967. A re-dedication was given in the form of poem by writer, performer and educator Avery R. Young.

The symbolic unveiling of the Chicago Picasso was designed and led by Chicago artist Edra Soto. Soto designed a fan to be raised above each crowd participant's face. The crowd was asked to veil their eyes with this fan and reflect on a city without public art, then removed the fan to see the sculptural monument that ingrained public art as part of Chicago's history. A jazz trio led by Orbert Davis closed the ceremony with an ensemble titled Pablo's Perspective

If you missed the re-dedication on the 8th, fear not, for there are more Public Picasso events scheduled to take place throughout the week at the Chicago Cultural Center and Harold Washington Library center.

More Public Picasso Events!

50 Years Later: Reflections on Chicago's Picasso

August 15, 2017, 12:15pm

Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.

Cultural historian Paul Durica will moderate a conversation among Chicago artists, YouMedia teens and representatives from the Studs Terkel Radio Archive in a discussion examining the impact of this iconic artwork on the public art landscape since its dedication on August 15, 1967.

The Chicago Picasso: A Point of Departure

August 15, 2017, 6pm

Harold Washington Library, 400 S. State St.

Art historian Patricia Balton Stratton, along with an esteemed group of panelists will discuss her new book The Chicago Picasso: A Point of Departure.

Film: Public Art Film Series

August 15, 2017, 6:30pm

Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.

As part of the Public Art Film Series, the Chicago Cultural Center will screen films related to the Picasso's 1967 dedication.

Learn more about this iconic sculpture by hitting up these free events on Tuesday, August 15th!

Cover Image Credit: The "Chicago Picasso"

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5 Movies To Keep Your Eye On As Oscar Season Gets Underway

5 Films that could give The Academy a run for its money as Hollywood braces for another Award surge.


Similarly to the 2017-2018 season, the concurrent 2018-2019 season for the movie industry has been able to replicate, if not surpass the quality of movies promulgated by its preceding annum. From the superhero likes of "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Ant-Man & the Wasp", the heartstopping pace of action-thriller "Mission Impossible", the cultural watershed hit of "Crazy Rich Asians", to the surprise success of "Blockers", the world of cinema has turned in yet another goldrush at the turn of the seasons.

Yet, as leaves depart from the branches of trees at the onset of winds bearing a chill as cold as the touch of snow they will soon harbor, anticipation is far from cooling off in Tinseltown. As critics jab the buts of their pens against their notepads, and actors stand before a mirror, making sure their lines and beats are in meticulous sync with their scripts, only one thing lingers at the back of their minds, pushing, clearing out every thought like the emptying of a trophy cabinet -- Oscar Season. From here until the doors of Dolby Theater open near the end of February, good is not good enough, the only better is the best, and every win a loss, until a champion is declared in the unfurling of an envelope, and the handing out a trophy in the shape of the iconic, all too recognizable golden statue.

Here are five films in the early stages of Oscar season already poised to summit the highest, most treacherous, yet most revered peaks of the Academy Awards.

1. "A Star Is Born"

A movie highly noted for being Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, who also stars alongside acclaimed singer Lady Gaga who first broke into the acting with her Golden Globe-nominated performance in the FX hit series "American Horror Story", "A Star Is Born" powered its way onto the movie scene at the Venice Film Festival. Opening to universal acclaim, critics praised the film for dynamite chemistry exhibited by Cooper and Lady Gaga, the direction, but most importantly, since its a music drama, the music.

Boasting a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes mirrored by a 9.1/10 rating on IMDB, astounding numbers that haven't been seen since Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight", don't be surprised to see Cooper's rookie, but far above amateur behind the scenes efforts, run the competition out of Dolby in February.

2. "Roma"

Debuting on the big screens at the Venice Film Festival, "Roma" stole the show from right under the feet of Bradley Cooper's rookie directorial efforts by walking off with the Golden Lion. Written and directed by Alfonso Cuoran, the acclaimed auteur seamlessly translated his success from "Gravity" and "Children of Man", with critics praising his latest project for his visually enthralling, commanding craft, and for the personal element sown into the narrative which many considered to be the most powerful, and close to the heart, of Cuoran's career.

As a runner-up for People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival, "Roma" has also been chosen to represent Mexico for Best Foreign Film and the 91st Academy Awards. With one nomination in the bag, expect "Roma" to challenge for other categories it hopes to turn into hardware.

3. "BlacKkKlansman"

Competing for the Palm d'Or, and winning the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, Spike Lee's latest biopic was a masterful return to form from the days of "Do the Right Thing". Recounting the story of an African-American police officer who successfully infiltrated and masqueraded as a member of a local KKK Chapter in Colorado, "BlacKkKlansman" won praise for its contemptuous, hard-hitting style as a narrative extracted from history and reshaped in such a way to confront the emboldened racism that has tainted the American political scene courtesy of Donald Trump's administration. Fierce, crass, and amalgamated with a drop of satire, "BlacKkKlansman" will certainly be fighting to wrest power at an award ceremony with a long history of favoring Caucasian films.

4. "First Man"

Like "Roma" and "A Star Is Born", "First Man" had its day view at the Venice Film Festival. Directed by Harvard alumnus Damien Chazelle, responsible for the masterpieces "Whiplash" and "La La Land", and written by Josh Singer, who authored the scripts for "The Post", and "Spotlight", the overwhelming presence of Oscar power once again delivered with epic finesse in a biopic recounting Neil Armstrong's first ascent to the moon.

With Chazelle receiving praise for his gritty realism and hellbent obsession employed in his directing, the auteur's latest work was also bolstered by powerful performances on the part of Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. Riding a torrent of rave reviews, Chazelle is certainly making a case to further decorate what is already decorated, but still young, career.

5. "On the Basis of Sex

In the midst of the #metoo era that has been an age of reckoning for the entertainment industry, there is no better film or story befitting of such a time than that recounting the early life of famed Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg long before her appointment by Bill Clinton to serve on the highest court in the United States. With Felicity Jones playing the young Ginsburg and looking to replicate her Oscar-nominated performance in "The Theory of Everything", "On the Basis of Sex" will also be Mimi Leder's directorial debut. But what is more significant about this behind the scenes management choice is that similar to how Ginsburg was the first women to be on two law reviews, Leder was the first female student to be admitted into the American Film Institute.

With the success of Bradley Cooper's first film as a director, Leder will be looking to cement the 2018-2019 season as a year of firsts. This will also be the first script that writer Daniel Stiepleman has had produced. The odds will certainly be stacked against "On the Basis of Sex" as an all-rookie team, but the odds were even higher against Ginsburg when she was trying to break into the legal profession is one of the very few female attorneys in her day.

With October barely lingering around the corner, this selection of movies is all but an appetizer to the buffet that Hollywood plans to serve. Nevertheless, the films listed here have made more than a convincing case to appear in the ballots when the Academy votes after Christmas.

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